Following on from the smashing success of 2016’s College production of Legally Blonde, productions coordinators Julia Duke and Kacey Hocking are buzzing with excitement off the back of the announcement of 2017’s show.   

The Witches of Eastwick was announced as the 2017 production in late 2016, which is set to hit the stage in the second week of August.

The Witches of Eastwick tells the tale of the people of the little town of Eastwick. It is a town where everyone knows everything about everyone else, and it is presided over by the indomitable Felicia Gabriel.   

Bored and fed up with their small town lives, three women–Alexandra (Alex), Sukie, and Jane–share a wish for “all manner of man in one man” to rid them of the monotony that Eastwick brings. That man arrives, literally in a flash, in the devil-like form of Darryl Van Horne. Darryl teaches the women powers, which they never knew they had.  

Witches of Eastwick is a musical of self-discovery as the leading women in the show learn that they are more than what society sees of them and that they have the ability to achieve their wildest dreams if they put their minds to it.   

Kacey and Julia welcome all to take part, in what promises to be yet another incredible journey.
“The biggest thing that we want to push is that it’s not just a RIA event – everyone is welcome,” Kacey said.

“We really want Sports Academy, MSA, General Excellence, we want everyone to come in.
“The performing is secondary to it all. It’s the experience.

“You don’t have to have any performing experience whatsoever to be involved. But the journey of putting on a show and having that experience, it’s amazing.”

Julia Duke has extensive experience with The Witches of Eastwick, where it has something for everyone.

“I had done it a few years ago, I loved the show and loved the music,” Julia said.

“We think about our cohort when we put together a show (and) it has a really interesting ensemble, lots of little bit parts for students to get involved with, it’s got some great dance numbers, lots of harmonies for the singers as well.

“We’ve got some great character actors and actresses to bring those characters to life.”

Producing a unique show each year is a challenge Kacey and Julia thrive on.

With The Witches of Eastwick containing spellbinding illusions and magic, 2017’s show looks set to dazzle.

“We always look for something a bit different as well because it’s got the magic to it as well – there’s a lot of illusions that we need to do on stage.

“It’s at a complexity but we love that challenge as well.

“I think the perception that (each year’s show is) better than the previous show, is that it’s different to the previous show.

“You can’t compare them, in a sense, it’s great in its own right.

“There’s still people that say they really loved Hairspray or they really loved Seussical, because they are so different, they appeal to different people.”

“There’s going to be some stagecraft that’s going to be pretty special – the witches in the show have to fly so we’re going to have a way of doing that, and the magical elements as well,” Julia said.

“One of the characters is a devilish sort of character, so bringing those special effects in to the show to try and portray that magical element.”

With the widespread talent of the students at the College, Kacey says The Witches of Eastwick fits the bill perfectly.

“What we do think when we choose a show is, do we have the kids that can pull it off? And yes we do – we’ve always got to keep that in mind,” she said.

“We’re always surprised during auditions,” Julia said.

“There are always kids that come out of the woodwork or have been in the ensemble for a few years that just step up and they’re right for those characters.”

Part of the production journey includes the production camp each year, where Julia and Kacey enjoy the ‘family’ element that the experience invokes.

“It’s like our favourite time of year, we love it. We love going and getting involved with the kids,” Julia said.

“You’ve got year 7s that come in or anyone having their first production experience and the other kids just envelop them and bring them into the little family – it’s awesome.”

“It’s like taking 100 kids who love what they do and want to be there 100% – they just love it,” Kacey said.

To get involved in The Witches of Eastwick, simply access the following website to book an audition date and time: