2019 High Achievers Assembly

Photos from High Achievers Assembly

On Tuesday 11th February our school celebrated our 2019 High Achievers at our Annual High Achievers School Assembly. Students who achieved an ATAR over 80 were invited back to receive the 2020 Ian Linnett High Achiever Award. On receiving their award they were asked to share insight into what respect means to them “respect yourself first, respect your teachers and the school environment, respect your family, friends and classmates,” they said. They were also asked to share their fondest school memory and give advice to be successful in year 12 – “study smarter not harder, do the subjects you love, hang with your friends, make and schedule rest times, email your teachers, do practice exams, stay motivated, surround yourself with a good support network and positive people, don’t be too hard on yourself.”

Ms. Julie Kennedy opened the Assembly welcoming everyone and sharing all the amazing, unique and sensational championships, achievements and successes our school and our students received last year and the list went on and on. “A very uplifting and positive list to hear giving everyone at RSC a sense of pride,” said Ms. Jane Zaal, House Leader. Former student and Alumni, Simon Reynolds who graduated in 2009 gave an inspirational and real life talk to the entire school about his experiences, and the ups and downs as he followed his dream of joining the circus. Students were in awe and found his life story to date very interesting with some valuable learning lessons. “A stand out for me,” said one RIA student “was when Simon said there is no such thing as ‘can’t, can’t is not a word! You can!”

Congratulations to all of our High Achievers, an outstanding achievement and we wish you every success in your future endeavours.


  • Michael Cann – completing further education
  • Lucas Durant – completing his electrical apprenticeship.


  • Cassandra Hill – attending RMIT, studying Aerospace Engineering
  • Javid Hashimi – attending, Deakin, Bachelor of Commerce & Bachelor of Law
  • Brianna Lillie – attending Deakin, Bachelor of Exercise & Sport Science
  • Brooke Leitch – attending Monash University, Bachelor of Paramedicine
  • Shruti De Livera – attending Monash University, Double degree of Business & Banking & Finance
  • Ben Ritson – attending Victoria University, Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) – Electrical & Electrical Engineering
  • Jessica Formichelli – working this year while she decides on her interests for her future
  • Patrick Astudillo – attending Monash University, Bachelor of Business and Bachelor of Communication Design
  • Charlene Chuo – attending Monash University, Bachelor of Pharmacy
  • Holly Parker – attending Monash University, Bachelor of Radiation Science
  • Niamh McLure – attending Deakin, Bachelor of Arts (Psychology)
  • Feng Mao Liu – attending Monash University, Bachelor of Biomedical Science
  • Brandon Quinn – attending Deakin, Bachelor of Exercise & Sport Science
  • Amity Kunst – 2019 College Dux.