Hello! We know that beginning secondary school can be a daunting experience for many. You may have lots of questions or simply not know where to start to learn about how our wonderful school operates.  

This webpage has been designed for students and parent(s)/guardian(s) to explore together and familiarise yourself with all of the aspects to life at Rowville Secondary College. In doing so, we hope that we can help put your mind at ease so your transition from primary school into high school is as smooth and worry-free as it can be. 

You must sign into our Enrolment Portal to confirm acceptance or decline of offer in Rowville Secondary College. Click here for our Enrolment Portal guide.


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  • Booklists open for 2022 (Term 4 – date TBC)
  • Uniform Fitting Day (Term 4 – date TBC)
  • Parent Information Session: Monday 15 November (details will be sent out closer to the date)
  • Parent Compass Logins sent out – (Term 4 – date TBC)
  • Year 7 Orientation Day: Tuesday 7 December


  • Campion Book Collection at West Campus Gym (date TBC)
  • BYOD Onboarding Sessions (January TBC)
  • First Day of Term (date TBC)
  • Welcome Back Assembly (date TBC)
  • Twilight Picnic at East Campus (date TBC)
  • Twilight Picnic at West Campus Campus (date TBC)
  • Year 7 Camps (WC 21 February).


Any general questions you have about Year 7 Transition, email us.


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New Students Welcome Pack – coming soon for 2022.

High School Glossary– click here

Booklists – click here

Class Times – click here

School Maps  Eastern Campus Western Campus.

Bus Timetable– click here

CSEF & State School Relief Forms – Available in term 4.

School Uniform Requirements – Year 7 2022 enrolling students will be expected to purchase and wear the new school uniform for 2022, further details will be coming as soon as possible.

Laptops – click here

Instrumental Music Program – click here.

How to use Compass – Download Compass App: Google Play & Apple Store. Compass Guide for Parents. Login to Compass here.


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Reception: Rowville.sc@education.vic.gov.au or call 9755 4555 (Mon-Thu 8:15am-4:30pm, Fri 8:15am- 4:00pm)

Attendance: Use Compass to record student absence or call 9755 4515 (East) or 9755 4525 (West)

Transition Coordinator (East): Georgia Psevdos – Georgia.Psevdos@education.vic.gov.au

Transition Coordinator (West): Claire Folie – Claire.Folie@education.vic.gov.au

Our Amazing Year 7 Learning Mentors

Eastern Campus

  • Julia Duke
  • Bernadette McCarthy
  • Sakuna McArthur
  • Daniel Wakefield
  • Kim McMahon
  • Kerry Poutet & Ms. Sarah Evans

Western Campus

  • Greg Buckle
  • Samantha Curran
  • Ryan Emmett
  • Anita Punnoos
  • Claire Folie
  • Stephanie Sykes

Meet our Principal Team



College Principal, Ms. Julie Kennedy, welcomes new students and families to our school community, shares our schools vision and values, our House System and Learning Mentor Groups.

Principal’s Address
Vision & Values


College Principal, Ms. Julie Kennedy, welcomes new students to the school and shares three tips to ensure you enjoy your time at Rowville Secondary College.


Leading Teachers for Junior School, Mr. JP Kruger and Mr. Lachlan Mackay, provide a year level overview, a breakdown into our classes and how our classes are made up.

Questions & Answers

School Tours run every Friday at 9.30am during the school term. Book at school tour here.

While we have two campuses with two programs on each campus, the College Leadership have responsibilities across both, and many of our meetings incorporate staff on both campuses.

The activities which involves students and staff across both campuses include, but not exclusive to the Year 7 Camp, House Sports, College Production, Rowville’s Got Talent and Instrumental Music Program.

We have four houses here at RSC: Aston Kangaroos (red), Mabo Dingos (yellow), Stynes Sharks (blue) and Walton Eagles (green). Students are designated to a House from day one, and there are various house activities throughout the year, such as House Athletics, a Photography Competition, and Rowville’s Got Talent. Students with older siblings will be placed in the same house as their sibling/s. For more information, please see the House System page on our website. 

Learning Mentor classes occur first thing every morning and are an important opportunity to deliver messages and notices to the group. Students will also take part in pastoral care activities during their LM/Connect Ed sessions. The LM sessions are led by your child’s Learning Mentor, who is your first point of contact for any student-related issues or questions you may have. In Year 7, students will be in a Learning Mentor groups consisting only of Year 7s within their program (ie RIA, MSA, GE or RSA). From the end of Year 7, the students move into a vertical Learning Mentor group (consisting of students from Year 8Year 12) within their allocated House. They will remain with this group and Mentor throughout their time at RSC. 

The RSC timetable consists of: 

Learning Mentor: 9am – 9:14am  

Period 1: 9:14am – 10:02am  

Period 2: 10:02am – 10:50am  

Recess: 10:50am – 11:14am  

Period 3: 11:14am – 12:02pm  

Period 4: 12:02pm – 12:50pm  

Lunch: 12:50pm – 1:39pm  

Period 5: 1:39pm – 2:27pm  

Period 6: 2:27pm – 3:15pm 

You can download our bell times here 

Students move around the school throughout the day depending on what subjects they have. We have various “wings” within the school, based on our Houses, which contain general purpose classrooms, but may also contain other areas set up for various areas of study, including Music, Arts, and Science. The Year 7s have their own area, often referred to as the “Rainbow Wing” where they have their lockers and LM rooms, but they will move around the school for many of their other classes. 

We do not have specific food policies. If we have students that have allergies, they take individual precautions, and all teachers and staff are aware of any students on the anaphylaxis list. We also encourage students to mindful of the packaging they bring to school to reduce waste and litter. 

Yes, students can bring their phones to school, however they must be switched off and kept in the student’s bag in their locker for the entire day. Students need to ensure their phones are not in their hands as they walk into school in the morning. For more details, please see our Mobile Phone Policy. 

Other than being separated by distance of 2.4kms, not much. Students, programs, and most teachers are based at each campus, however, a number transfer between to study and teach. Apart from that, we are one great school with the same philosophy, curriculum, supports, leadership, and opportunity. 

If that is what you would prefer, we will do our best to accommodate your request. 

If you require the school bus, you can check our bus routes and register your interest by clicking here ASAP. Bus allocations will be made in early December. 

Yes, our school buses travel from the East campus to the West campus before school, and then from the West campus to the East campus after school. This bus is free, however you need to contact the office to be put on the list for the shuttle. However, we do not have a shuttle bus throughout the day. 

Yes, students can take the short cut through Selwood Crt, but should not cut through Rowville Primary School. 



Parent, Gary Gilbert, provides insight into how Compass operates from a parent perspective, specifically talking about the News Feed, Calendar, Attendance, Learning Tasks and how to best communicate with teachers.

Compass Guide for Parents
Login to Compass


Student, Charlotte, provides insight into how Compass operates from a student perspective.

Login to Compass


Our School Council President, Shane Kelly, provide insight into our parent committees at Rowville Secondary College including the School Council, Friends of RIA and Friends of Music.

Meet our School Council
Friends of RIA
Friends of Music

Questions & Answers

As our teachers spend most of their time in the classroom teaching our students, the preferred method of communication is email through Compass. If you have a general question please contact the Learning Mentor. Teachers will endeavour to respond in 48 hours but not in the school holidays or on weekends. If it’s an urgent matter please call our office 9755 4555.

In Term 1, we will send out information and nomination forms for our School Council positions on Compass.

Permanent Parent Usernames will be sent Mid-term 4. These will be emailed to you. Students will receive their Usernames when their laptops are set up in January as part of the onboarding sessions

No. If you already have a student at RSC, you keep the same login. 



Our Transition Coordinators, Ms. Claire Foley and Ms. Georgia Psevdos, discuss our Orientation program, first day of school and induction.


Go on a school tour of our Eastern Campus with current Year 7 student, Lucas.

Eastern Campus Map


Go on a school tour of our Western Campus with current Year 7 student, Harrison.

Western Campus Map

Questions & Answers

Yes, all Year 7 students receive a combination lock. For security, this combination must remain confidential to the student and Learning Mentor.

Click here for our class times.

You will find our School Maps by clicking here.

Year 7 Orientation date is Tuesday 7 December and this will still be going ahead dependent on Covid lockdown announcements. Students should wear their primary school uniform on that day, and you will receive more information about Orientation prior to the day. Please note that all students will be required to wear a mask in line with Department of Education regulations.

Orientation Day is a fantastic introduction to RSC. Students meet their Learning Mentors and the students who will be in their LM group and hear a little about what they will be doing in Year 7 as well as taking part in “get-to-know-you” activities, and games to allow the students to familiarise themselves with the school grounds. While it’s understandable that students can be both excited and apprehensive about Orientation, it’s important to remember that students coming into our specialist programs are coming from a wide range of primary schools, so most students will not know anyone else there and be eager and ready to make new friends! 

On the first day of school, you will meet up with your Learning Mentor, then have a House Assembly and a whole campus assembly. Students will then have more time with their Learning Mentor, with housekeeping and transition activities. For the final two lessons, they are likely to start actual subject classes. 

You are welcome to provide vaccinations certificates through the school office, however these are not mandatory, and you do not need to bring current permission slips. We will distribute permission slips when required. 

Ready to Learn


Student, Bellami, takes you through our compulsory school uniform requirements.

**Year 7 2022 enrolling students will be expected to purchase and wear the new school uniform for 2022, further details will be coming as soon as possible.


Assistant Principal, Mr. Arturo Tallarida, discusses our school technology strategy and student support.

Booklists – Laptops – BYOD


Student, Cuneyt, takes you through what a typical day looks like at Rowville Secondary College.

Questions & Answers

All Year 7 students are required to have a laptop. So that teachers can plan effectively, and students have similar access and function, we ask that iPads are not used. 

The simple way is to use a label-maker device. However that is very easily removed. Other options include names being engraved in the plastic bottom casing, or putting a label on the inside of the bottom casing. ie: unscrew the bottom casing if possible. This might be more secure, but could void the warranty. You could also try a blacklight pen available online. 

It is recommended that Year 7s have laptop computers. Please see the BYOD page on our website for details.

The school will be conducting “on boarding” sessions to help set up the students’ laptops. This will involve making an appointment to come into the school during the week before Term 1 commences, so that our IT team can help set you up. You will receive details about this in the coming weeks. 

Yes – protective cases are encouraged. However, please be aware that in accordance with the Mobile Phone Policy, students are not allowed to carry school bags around during the day. As such, a laptop bag may be used to carry laptop-related equipment such as a mouse or charger, but it cannot be used as a bag to carry around schoolbooks. It is recommended that students keep the laptop bag in their locker and only carry what they need to class. 

JB Hi-Fi have a range which we recommend, however it is not compulsory to purchase laptops through JB, as long as the laptop has the correct specifications as set out on the BYOD page of our website. Generally, laptops do not come with cases, however it is a good idea to purchase one. 

Our IT team will assist with software issues. If you purchase your laptop through JB-Hifi, JB solutions will deal with hardware issues only.  Alternative arrangements can be made through our IT department in order to not interrupt learning. 

We recommend you keep your computer for school-based activities. There should be no games installed on the computer unless these are used for curriculum purposes. 

There are no expectations about the brand of laptop you purchase. In senior years, depending on subject choice, including arts or media, it can be a viable option, but not required. But there is also no guarantee the specifications of a device purchased in Year 7 will meet specifications of these specialist subjects 5 or 6 years later. 

School Policy states that leather, lace-up shoes are required. Students wearing sneakers are required to get a uniform pass from the House Leader. Students with medical reasons need to provide a medical certificate to wear sneakers.

Within particular electives students also won’t be able to wear shoes that do not meet safety standards.

The College uniform is under review and more information is expected to be released by the Uniform Committee. Visit our Uniform page for more details.

All year 7s starting in 2022 will purchase the new school uniform. More information and our Fitting Day date will be advised soon.

Our school shoes policy for MSA, GE, and RIA is leather lace up, polishable shoes. If students are in RSA, please refer to the uniform requirements. 

The RSA School Runner/shoe is a compulsory item of the RSC – RSA uniform that is to be worn as part of the classroom uniform – to and from school, to and from events, during the day including lunch and recess.  The Uniform policy is set by School Council and upheld by the classroom teachers and college staff with consequences for non-compliance  The RSA shoe is an alternative to a black leather school shoe and should be thought of like this. 

 When students change into their training uniform for their enrolled sport program they may change their footwear into their choice of athletic shoes appropriate for that particular sport.  Students must change back into Classroom Uniform and School Runner following the conclusion of their training sessions. 

Parents sign in using this link that is on the new student webpage: https://order.campion.com.au/index.html#homeView
They create their own account using their own email and create their own password.  

It is a third-party service platform and not related to RSC other than we provide our curriculum resource requirements. Any issues with orders need to be communicated directly with Campion. This link is unique to RSC, so no code is needed.  

 However, if parents are going to Campion website directly, they will then need to use the code: B63N which is the Rowville Secondary College identifier. We would prefer parents to use the new link, not the old way of access and ordering. This is the first year Campion provided the unique link. 

Campion books do provide a delivery service, however there is a short cut-off date for this, so please check the Campion website for details. If you do not collect your books on the designated pick-up day, they will be kept at the office where you can collect them, however we do prefer them to be collected on the designated day. 

All students are required to purchase the Rowville Perfect Bundle Year 7. You can then choose whether you purchase either Option 1: Print and Digital Textbook OR Option 2: Digital Textbook only. You must purchase one of either Option 1 or Option 2. You can purchase second-hand books as long as they are the correct editions, however the bundles cannot be split, so you can’t choose to buy some new and some second-hand books. The only way you could use second-hand books is if you buy Option 2, and then additionally purchase whichever second-hand books you’d like to. 

Purchasing of all textbooks is done directly through Campion. Please log into their website for ordering deadlines. 

In short, you should purchase all books for subjects listed as “Broad Arts”, as all students no matter their specialism will take these classes.  Where subjects are listed as “Specialism”, you only need to purchase books for your child’s particular specialism, and no other specialism. 

Regarding the items listed as 1, 2 & 3 on the booklist, everyone needs to purchase item number 1, and in addition choose either 2 or 3. 

Yes, please purchase everything on the booklist. If your child is in MSA, they only need to purchase items from the MSA list. 


Students that are enrolled in the Cricket Program are requested to bring all of their own equipment necessary to participate in training and coaching sessions, safely.  This would include Helmut, Pads, Bats, etc.  Rowville Sports Academy supplies the use of a secured shed on the property where students may store their equipment when not at Cricket Sessions.  It is personal choice as to whether students decide to leave their bags locked in the shed overnight or take their bags to and from school with them each day. Students utilising this facility do so at their own risk. 

Golf students are encouraged to bring a minimalised set of clubs with them for days of training.  It is recommended that students utilise an 8-inch stand bag for ease of travel and storage.   

Rowville Sports Academy supplies a secure shed for all of the Golf Students to store their equipment during the day when not at training/coaching sessions.  It is personal preference of each student as to if they wish to store their equipment at school in the secure shed overnight, or if they wish to travel with their Golf bags to and from school each day. – Students utilising this facility do so at their own risk. 

Churchill Waverley Golf & Bowls Club has a designated RSA Classroom that is kept locked.  Students are permitted to store their equipment in this room between sessions held at Churchill Waverley Golf & Bowls Club – Please confirm with the Golf Coach each session if the following session will be held at Churchill Waverley Golf & Bowls Club or another location. 



Four of our college students introduce our House System and Learner Mentor Structure with help from Learning Mentor, Ms. Sakuna McArthur and House Leader, Ms. Narelle Cameron.

House System


Ms. Jo Johnson and Mr. Andy Philips, talk about the services and care we offer our students with help from student, Sam.

Student Health & Wellbeing


Current Year 7 students share their experience transitioning into secondary school and provide useful tips and advice.

Tips & Advice from current Year 7s

Questions & Answers

Wellbeing Contacts & Ongoing Student Support

  • Wellbeing Staff: Andy Phillips (West), and Joanne Johnson (East).
  • Phone 9755 4555 (ask for Wellbeing East or Wellbeing West).
  • Email: wellbeing@rowvillesc.vic.gov.au.

Learning Mentor Group and House are typically announced on Orientation Day.

Yes, you can. Please contact the school office in Term 4 once you have received your parent compass login details they can then make arrangements.

Ideally, your primary school will share your learning plans with us. If they have indicated they will not be doing that on your behalf, we request that you forward these to your child’s learning mentor or email to the appropriate Transition Coordinator: 

Georgia Psevdos at Georgia.Psevdos@education.vic.gov.au (Eastern Campus) or 

Claire Folie at Claire.Folie@education.vic.gov.au (Western Campus).       



School Captain, Cooper, shares all the benefits and opportunities of being in General Excellence.

GE website
GE Videos


Maths & Science Academy student, Lachie, shares his real life experience from within the MSA program.

MSA website
MSA Videos


This video is an overview of our Rowville Institute of the Arts program and five specialisms dance, drama, visual arts, music and media.

RIA website
RIA Videos


Find out what secondary school looks like for our student-athletes who attend our elite Rowville Sports Academy.

RSA website
RSA Info Presentation
Rise Health Info

Questions & Answers

The languages taught at RSC are Italian (RIA and GE) and Indonesian (MSA). 

In Years 7 & 8, all students will have one semester of each of the specialisms as Broad Arts. These classes are taken with their regular class. From Year 9, the Broad Arts become electives and the subjects are more varied and specific. For more information about Broad Arts, please see the RIA Curriculum page on the website, or the RIA Information/ Application pack.     

The maximum number of students in any class at RSC is 26 

The specialism classes for Drama, Media, Music and Visual Arts are multiyear classes, made up of Junior (Yr 7 & 8), Intermediate (Yr 9 & 10) and Senior (Yr 11 & 12). Dance specialism has a separate class for each year level. Numbers in each class depends on the number in that specialism, and currently vary from 8 students to 26 students. 

All RIA students (yes, even those coming in after Year 7) take Italian language class as one of their compulsory core subjects from Year 7 to Year 9. From Year 10 onwards, Italian is optional

Our bi-annual Showcase performance/exhibition and individual specialism performance nights take place in the evening, however there is no rehearsal time outside school hours. 

In MSA we have two classes of specialism time. These are called Science and Technology Project, and Maths and Engineering Project. 

No, MSA students study Indonesian in Years 7-9. We are working on offering a Year 10 Indonesian elective, but this will be based on demand from the students. 

Yes, we teach coding and programming through our specialism classes. For example, students learn HTML and CSS to be able to write their own websites from scratch. 

Absolutely, we value student voice in determining what directions our projects take within specialism classes. We are very keen to see what they are interested in and how we can explore this further. 

Since 2018, we have had only one MSA class per year level. The maximum class size is 26 students. 

Yes, we try to encourage collaboration between the MSA classes where we can. Often this is limited due to timetabling issues. Previously, there has been a lot of collaboration between 7M and 8M. We would love to expand this in coming years. 

Student Experience


Head of RIA, Ms. Kacey Hocking, provides an overview of our co-curricular activities available to all of our students at the college.

College Production
Camps & Excursions
Inter-school Sport
Rowville’s Got Talent


Instrumental Music Directors, Ms. Viv McPherson and Mr. Jake Johnson, provide insight into our Instrumental Music Program with a lot of help from our music students.

Instrumental Music Program

Student Enrolment Form


Member of our Student Representative Council, Cuneyt, talks about our SRC program and how you can get involved.

Year 7 Captain Application Form


Student, Max, talks about the Year 7 Camp and school excursions on offer to our cohort at Rowville Secondary College.

Camps & Excursions 

Questions & Answers

Early Term 1, we will share the process for electing our Year 7 SRC members. Here is the application form.

KIOSC (Knox Innovation Opportunity and Sustainability Centre) is a joint initiative of the secondary schools in the City of Knox and Swinburne University of Technology. Click here to find out more.

We have a fabulous instrumental music program, you can sign your child up to any instrumental program for private lessons. Please see our website for more details. As a part of our music class program, students also have the opportunity to play guitar in class.