2019 Athletics Day

Photos from Athletics Day

On Tuesday 7th May our college community all gathered at the Knox Athletics Track to take part in our annual Whole School Athletics Day. Rowville Secondary College students across all four programs and both campuses came together to compete and cheer their house on; Mabo, Aston, Walton and Stynes.

“The community spirit of the carnival was infectious. It was absolutely amazing to see all the students embrace Athletics Day, have fun and enthusiastically support their house,”  said Assistant Principal, Ms. Robyn Geake.

Read our student reports from the day.


By Izzy D’Orazio, Year 11.

Athletics Day was alight with excitement, beaming faces and chatter everywhere you looked. The competitive events on the day were High Jump, Long Jump, Shot Put, Discus, Javelin, Triple Jump, various short and long distance running events and Relays plus the 1500m Walk.

Top highlights included a stand-out High Jump result from Tyler Gray, a year 12 General Excellence student equalling the record of 1.75m. He met this record on his first attempt with no warm up as a large crowd of supporters stood by cheering him on.

Face painting was an incredibly busy stall with a constant stream of students lined up to have their face painted by one of our Art Specialism students. The costume contest was also an extremely popular event with year 12’s dressed as Disney princesses, superheroes, fairies and more. The overall winner of the contest was the Pac-Man group with Pac-Man wearing a large cardboard cutout and four other Pac-Mans wearing coloured fabric to represent each house colour.  Vector came second and the Mad Hatter as third. The contest was judged by the Rowville Police, who were present at the request of our House Captains to form a relationship with the students of our school. The students’ choice ‘best costumer’ was the infamous Britney Spears!

All the points from each event were added up and the day ended with an exhilarating trophy presentation. The spectator stands were filled with loud cheers as ‘Mabo’ was announced the champion house with 1,213 points. Aston was filled with excitement as they came second with 1,130 points. Followed by Stynes house coming in third with 1,027 point and Walton house last with 800 points. All houses should be proud of their achievements and success on the day.


By Laura Salter, Year 10. 

Walking up into the stadium on Athletics day was a mass of colour; there were year 12 students running around in their amazing costumes; the Mad Hatter dashing passed, Aquaman holding his trident high, and all the Disney princesses walking elegantly through the crowd. There were patches of green, blue, red and yellow filling the stands, some wearing tutus, others with ribbons in their hair. Gradually the crowds calm down and events start getting announced.

From that point on the day was pretty relaxed, my friends and I walked around from event to event, finding spots to sit and cheer on fellow classmates.

Overall, the day was very much focused on house spirit and coming together as a school to have a much deserved break from sitting behind desks.


By Merryn Olman, Year 12.

Walking into the stadium on House Athletics Day was like walking into an arena teeming with life and filled with bright colours. Everyone was supporting their houses and the year 12’s who were making their way through the crowds in their captivating costumes. The house spirit flooded the stadium when kids started participating and cheering on their peers in all the events.

There were kids joining in with the small activities such as the three legged race, the egg and spoon race and tunnel ball. For the people who did not feel like participating in these activities there was face painting, a photo booth and some fantastic live music.

The athletics carnival was for everyone even Aquaman, the Mad Hatter, all the Disney princesses, the Despicable Me characters, dinosaurs and Pac man who arrived to create an amazing atmosphere that we will never forget.