Year 12 Philosophy students have been studying the nature of self.

They have had the concepts of Buddhism explained by experts, including the College’s own Gary Scott.

“Buddhists also view the self as never the same from one moment to the next.  We are all as changeable as a river, which retains the same name but is never the same from one moment to the next,” Philosophy teacher Beata Clark said.

“We had some help with these difficult ideas from Gary Scott, the RSC maintenance man, who has been a practising Buddhist for most of his life and spent much of his twenties as a monk in Tibet.

“Gary tried to convey the Buddhist concept of ‘emptiness’ or ‘no-self’ within the space of a double period, and we also travelled to the Kadampa Meditation Centre in Monbulk this week to hear another perspective from Kelsang Tara.”