2019 Year 10 Central Australia Trip

Photos from Central Australia Trip

On Saturday 22nd June to Monday 1st July

“The students were sensational. They worked really well as a group, were helpful, interacted really well with each other and had a fantastic time.”
– Mr. Gary Gilbert, Teacher.

Read our student reports from the trip.


By Meg Nicholson, Year 10.

From June 22nd to July 1st, 88 year 10 students from both campuses came together to embark on an outback camp to Central Australia. We spent over 60 hours on a bus which was both tiring and lively, enjoying movies, music and talking. The adventures experienced were camel riding, base walk around NT’s largest and most sacred rock, Uluru, reptile and bird shows, hikes that led to breathtaking scenery and a formal night ending in a catwalk. Not only did a bond form between the students but both campuses felt as if they were one.


By Chloe Harris, Year 10. 

Crikey mate! The outback of Australia was an experience of a lifetime, indulging in the indigenous culture by doing the base walk of Uluru and witnessing the scenery of aboriginal lifestyle is an eye opening experience that makes you appreciate what you have in life that many others don’t have. We really got the Aussie outback taste when riding the smelly camels. Wrapping ‘Kovey’ the rainbow python around our necks. Getting up close with some of the outback’s most famous animals such as dingoes, emus, kangaroos, reptiles including lizards in the Wildlife Sanctuary. But don’t forget our personal favourite the bird show.

Everyone felt the extreme cool drop at night but was made up for by the star gazing and astronomy lesson given by Tom in the non-polluted sky of Alice Springs. Nights were enjoyed by luxury three course meals and the daily donkey awards. Our most favoured contestant Chloe Harris with her winning moment of mistaking sunscreen for toothpaste ensuring her teeth didn’t get burnt from the fierce sun that beats down to the red earth.

Our most entertaining night was the last night where we held the closest thing that would’ve been our formal this year. We expressed our school value of community by giving back to the Salvation Army by buying our outfits for our special night. The boys decided to express females and experience the hardships and lengths of effort we girls go to every day to impress and uphold today’s idea of beauty.

My most enjoyable experience was experiencing the comparisons between the outback life and city life. Also, how bonds were strengthened over 10 days with students from different campuses and how unexpected friendships were formed. This stemmed from not using our phones as much which taught us how to independently communicate with others and get to know people for who they truly are. Another highlight of mine was sleeping under the stars and capturing the raw beauty present in the night. Overall Central Australia was the camp of all camps and was an experience of a lifetime which truly changed and touched people’s perspectives of life and culture outside of the suburban lifestyle.