This page includes information for all new students starting with us in 2020.  It outlines information specific to year 7 only and then information for all students starting year 7 through to year 12.


Text books are sourced from one supplier.

1. Campion is the main portal to provide all materials, including the Language Perfect subscription, print books, digital books and stationery (Jacaranda ebooks will also be available through here). The booklists for year 7-12 are found on Campion.

Booklist open for Years 10-12 only – click here

*Please note years 7-9 will follow soon.

Campion Code: MCZK

Campion support / help for parents click here 

Delivery to home or school.

Some print books are available second hand from the college at half the new price. You can phone 9755 4555 and ask for the West Library to check on availability, and pay at the office by cash or card. You can bring second hand books for sale at any time through the year, provided those titles are still on the booklist for 2020.

Students must purchase all listed materials. If they come to class without them they cannot complete the work.


Here is list of the key items you need to know about if you are starting Year 7 in 2020 at Rowville Secondary College. We will be updating this list with new information as required, and we will notify parents via Compass when this occurs.

1. You must sign into our Enrolment Portal to confirm acceptance or decline of offer. Our school offer will be emailed to you after the 8th of August when your primary school has given the official state offer. Our offer letter will include the link to the Enrolment Portal. In the meantime, click here for our Enrolment Portal guide.

2. Information Night is Monday 18th November. Click here for details.

After the general information component of the night, there is RSA Specific Information for years 7 – 12

  • Commencement – 7.45pm for an 8.00pm start
  • Conclusion – 8.45pm

3. Orientation Day (December 2019)

Orientation day is held at both the East & West campus on Tuesday 10th December.

Click here for details.

4. Blazer Fittings  

From Thursday 14th November. Click here for details.

5. Year 7 Camp (February 2020)

Monday 17th February – Friday 21st February, 2020.

It is a 3 day camp and dates will depend on Learning Mentor groups. Click here for details.

6. CSEF & State School Relief Forms

CSEF Application form click here.

Parent information for State Schools Relief click here.

Year 7 State School Relief Uniform Package 2020 form click here.

RSA State Schools Relief Uniform Package Information 2020 click here.

RSA State Schools Relief form click here.


7.  School uniform requirements

It is compulsory to wear a school uniform at Rowville Secondary College, please visit our Uniform page on our website for the requirements, suppliers, secondhand uniforms and RSA & RIA specific school uniforms.

RSA Uniform Fittings 

  • Shoe fittings will be held in January 2020, date to be confirmed.

Blazer Fittings are Tuesday 10th December. Click here for details.

Visit our Uniform page

8. Laptops & iPads

For more information visit our BYOD page >>

9. First day for 2020 & School hours

The first day of school for 2020 is Friday 31st January.  Our school day starts at 9.00am and finishes at 3.15pm. Please see section 11 for class times.

10. How to use Compass

Compass is an important communication portal and learning management system for students, parents and teachers. To learn how to use Compass please read our comprehensive Compass Guide for Parents. We will send you a parent login by email once your enrolment has been completed. Login to compass here>>.

Please Note if your child is absent please login to compass and report the absence.

11. Class Times

Click here for the school class times.

12.  Locks for your Locker

Children commencing in year 8-12 will need to provide their own Locks for their Lockers, we recommend the combination locks.

If you have any further questions about commencing in 2020 please contact the school direct on 9755 4555.

13. Instrumental Music Program

Instrumental Music lessons are offered to all students on both Campus at Rowville Secondary College. For more information please click here.

Important Dates

  • Campion online portal – Booklist open for Years 10-12 only (Years 7-9 will follow soon).
  • RSA Shoe fittings will be held in January 2020, date to be confirmed.
  • Blazer Fittings – From Thursday 14th November (see flyer)
  • Year 7 Information Night – Monday 18th November
  • Year 7 Orientation Day – Tuesday 10th December
  • First day of school 2020 – Friday 31st January at 9am
  • Year 7 Camp (2020)  – Monday 17th February to Friday 21st February

How to Stay Up To Date

Questions about your Child’s Learning and/or Welfare at School

Once your child has commenced at school in 2020, if you have question/s regarding your child’s learning and/or welfare at school please contact your child’s Learning Mentor through compass email.

Our policy is ‘Staff at Rowville Secondary College will endeavour to respond to parent emails within 24 – 48 hours. However, staff are not expected to respond in this timeframe during weekends and term breaks.’

Instrumental Music Program

Instrumental Music lessons are offered to all students on both Campus at Rowville Secondary College. For more information please click here.

There are lots of ways to stay up-to-date at the college. Find out about important dates, upcoming events & the latest school news.