Diary of our Japan Trip

18th September, 2017 

Students head off on their Japan Trip today joined by Principal, Julie Kennedy & teacher Wayne Judge and International Student Coordinator, Chris Rodier. The group will head to our sister school in Nagoya where they will spend six days at a home-stay and enjoy local school life & activities. This will be followed by independent travel including visiting Hiroshima & Tokyo.

19th September, 2017

Our students & teachers have arrived in Japan and their first stop is visiting our sister school Motoyama Junior High in Nagoya. You can view the pictures here and below.
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Here they attended the Official Welcome Ceremony held by Motoyama Junior High. Each Rowville Secondary College student stood up on stage and addressed the assembly.  Adele spoke in Japanese. Jiei translated the perch.  Kyle wore the official sash which travels from school-to-school on each visit – this is called a taski.  The girls also joined in a music class.

PHOTOS – Motoyama Junior High (our Sister School)   

japan_7 japan_6 japan_5 japan_4 japan_3 japan_2 japan_1

21st September. 2017

The group had a very busy day today which began with a PE lesson where our Rowville Secondary College students competed in a soccer round robin with Motoyama students. This was followed with a calligraphy lesson, and painting Japanese words onto a ceramic dish that will then be fired in the kiln. We then made coil pots, as well as having an individual lesson on a potter’s wheel.  Each student drew their own rice bowl or dish. After lunch we visited Dosen Temple and dressed in authentic Japanese yukata for an official tea ceremony. It was a wonderful day!


Japan trip 2017

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