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Campion is the main portal to provide all materials, including the Education Perfect subscription, print books, digital books and stationery (Jacaranda ebooks will also be available through here).

    • Booklists for 2022 – click here and add school code: 8JTV
    • Booklists for 2023 – list will be out in Term 4.
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    • Campion books for all year level will be by delivery only, there will be no collection on campus.

Bring Your Own Device | Laptops

To support our classroom learning Rowville Secondary College is a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) school. This means that all year 7-12 students will be required to bring a laptop to school every day.

BYOD Onboarding Sessions for our 2023 new students will run in mid-January. This will open for bookings to 2023 new students in term 4.

iPads have been phased out in 2023 and it will be Laptop/MacBook only moving forward.

Laptop by program & year level


  • If your child already owns a device that meets the requirements, they can bring that to school and will not need to buy a new device.
  • You may purchase devices from any supplier, however, RSC has an agreement with JB Hi Fi solutions – here is the purchase portal.
  • The Purchase Portal will contain a number of options for students at different price points. All of the options will satisfy the minimum required specifications.

JB Hi Fi Solutions

JB Hi Fi Solutions purchasing portal

SCHOOL CODE: Rowville2023

  • Parents are strongly encouraged to consider insurance and warranty cover for BYODs, as they are not covered by the school. Devices purchased through the Purchase Portal will have warranty options.
  • RSC has developed policies, protocols and procedures designed to encourage safe and responsible use, but cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage of devices.
  • We recognise that the purchase of a device is a major decision and a significant expense. A good quality device may last a number of years and viewed over the long term, the total expenses of school are considerably less.
  • The purpose of identifying minimum specifications is to allow families to utilise suitable devices that they already own.
  • JB HI Purchase Portal >>
  • RSC has developed an Equity Policy designed to assist families experiencing financial difficulties. Please contact the College for further details.
  • The devices are intended to be used as tools for learning and will be used along with all the other tools available at school and home (e.g. pen, paper, calculators, books, etc).
  • Devices will be left in lockers during breaks. Students may be involved in special, teacher- supervised activities during breaks that require devices. In this case, the teacher-in-charge will manage the children while they collect, use and return their devices.
  • Yes. Devices will not totally replace handwriting. The mode of communication used will depend on the learning opportunity.
  • Yes. All internet access via our network (WiFi and wired) is routed through CyberHound Filtering for internet delivery and firewall. Whilst this is a new and sophisticated system, it is worth noting that no filter system is perfect given the dynamic nature of the internet.

Campion is the main portal to provide all materials, including the Education Perfect subscription, print books, digital books and stationery (Jacaranda ebooks will also be available through here). The booklists for year 7-12 are found on Campion.

  • Booklists for 2022 – order here.
  • Booklist for 2023 – will open in term 4.
  • Campion books will be delivery only.

2023 Purchasing requirements

BYOD Information for all students

JB Hi Fi Solutions: 

Purchasing Portal >>

SCHOOL CODE: Rowville2023


  • Windows 10 1903 or later
  • Apple macOS 11 Big Sur or later
  • No iPads, Linux, Google Chrome, or Android devices