Rowville Secondary College joined primary and secondary schools across the country last week in celebrating National Science Week.

For the annual event, the College’s science faculty turned on an array of events across both campuses, ranging from chemistry, forensic science, light and energy, psychology and CFA activities.

Science faculty coordinator Kim McMahon saw all the action unfold.

“This year for National Science Week we have been running lunch time activities to engage and ignite the scientific curiosity of our students,” McMahon said.

“The questions we investigated included “How do you make ice-cream using chemistry?”, “Who dunnit? The great coffee cup crime of RSC”, and “Do firefighters really rescue cats from trees?”.”

Forensic science proved a popular topic during the week according to McMahon, as the students engaged in the study of fingerprints and blood-typing.

“On Wednesday at the East, students had the chance to compare their fingerprints and work out which teacher had left their coffee cup in the sink by looking at the patterns of loops and whirls in the suspect print, comparing them to those left on the suspect cup,” she said.

“They were also able to investigate how blood-typing works and what that means for transfusions and how forensic scientists use animal hair and other trace evidence in their work.”

The Rowville Fire Brigade visited to round out the National Science Week festivities, where the students were granted an ‘access all areas’ tour of a fire truck and its equipment, as well as pick the brains of career firefighters.

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“Despite the rain, students had a great time learning to bowl hoses and investigate other equipment on the trucks including the BA sets ‘jaws of life’, distress signal units, water monitors and the pump itself,” McMahon said.

“8W was then treated to a ‘q and a’ session where the career firefighters answered questions such as ‘How fast do you get to drive?’, ‘What’s the weirdest thing you have gone to?’ and the obligatory ‘Do you really rescue cats from trees?’, the answer to which was ‘unfortunately, yes’.

“Thank-you to the A-shift for coming out and helping to give us a memorable end to the week.”