Year 7 students are also welcomed to the school through a Peer Support program whereby senior students mentor groups of year 7 students. This helps the new students connect with others and develop confidence within the secondary school environment.

An integrated curriculum forms the basis of our year 7 and 8 programs whereby classes have the same teacher for multiple subjects. For instance, one teacher who takes a year 7 Maths class will take that same class for Science. When the students progress to year 8, they are again taught by the same teachers they met the previous year. This integrated approach is designed to provide students with greater support and foster the development of strong student-teacher relationships. It also enables teachers to take greater responsibility for their students’ overall development. In some ways this method mirrors the structure of primary school when students had very few teachers per year.

Year 7 camp takes place during the beginning of term 1 at Ace Hi Camp in Boneo, which gives students the opportunity to interact and create bonds with other students. Ace Hi provide students with various activities including a giant swing, rock climbing, a flying fox and one of the highlights of the camp, horse riding. The camp is a great way for year 7 students to begin their high school journey at Rowville Secondary College.