Meet our School Staff

Name – Carolanne Collins
Title – Teaching Team Leader

Introducing the wonderful Ms. Carolanne Collins who is our Yellow House Champion and currently teaches RIA Broad Arts Media, English and RIA Media. Here’s what Ms. Collins has said about her teaching career and working at RSC:

“I have just celebrated 36 years educating at a ceremony held by the North Eastern Region so I have been reflecting upon those years of service in four very different schools. When I began teaching I was fortunate to be in a very progressive school that offered a new subject of Information Technology using desktop computers storing information on 5 ½ Inch floppy discs. The Education Department encouraged Leisure subjects because computerisation was going to provide everyone with more free time, I think they may have got that wrong. I was privileged to teach Media Studies in a semi-professional dedicated Television Studio setting and many of my early students have gone on to careers in media. I moved to another school where I worked with another teacher to introduce Performing Arts as a subject from Year 7 -11.

I was also fortunate to be involved in developing and trialling the introduction of VCE in three different subject areas.

I have been the director of numerous school musicals and productions, Debutante Balls and as you would expect, have had many roles in management: Head of Faculty; Year level Coordinator; Transition Coordinator, to name a few. Sadly, I also have experienced the demise of the Technical education system which I am happy to see is making a strong comeback.

At the end of the last century, I went to a country school where there was a strong sense of community and from there I came to Rowville Secondary College where I have been for 18 years. As a member of the Rowville community, having lived here since 1986, I am very passionate about having our local school become the best school for our community. My daughter completed her education here and had a great education in the Institute of the Arts, where I too had the opportunity to help develop the introduction of such a rich program.

The thing I love most about Rowville is the range of educational opportunities available to our students and the community. In my career the most motivating factor is my student’s success and success comes in many forms, not necessarily determined by a final score. Many of my most successful student’s careers have really taken flight ten years after leaving school but their schooling helped shape them into the wonderful adults they have become and I have been privileged to have met and taught a range of wonderful people one of whom is Winston Hillyer.”

Watch Video with Carolanne & Winston Hillyer