Meet our School Staff

Name – Gary Gilbert
Title – Health & PE Teacher

Meet Gary Gilbert, our Health & PE Teacher who has been at Rowville Secondary College for over 20 years. For the last 15 years, Gary has been a Year Level Coordinator / Team Leader at both the Eastern and Western Campuses – mostly in the senior school. Currently Gary is a year 7 Learning Mentor “I love assisting the year 7 students and their families with their transition into high school.”

“I am passionate about anything sport related and I really love teaching. As such I have had a lot to do with students at the college on school camps, coaching sporting teams and also watched a number of students participate in their sporting activities and their grand finals outside of school on weekends.”

“I have a philosophy that successful teaching is about first building positive relationships with students. I believe that the more time you invest in students outside of the classroom, the easier and more effective it is inside the classroom.”

Over his time at the college Gary has met a wide variety of students and seen many changes take place at the college. “It is incredibly rewarding to work with the young people in the community and see them learn skills or grasp concepts. I love it when ex-students come back and visit or seeing them in the community and learning of their success in life.”

Gary is a father of 5 children – all born while he was teaching at Rowville.

“Rowville SC has always been a part of our families’ lives. From a young age my children have come to work with me on occasions, or out on excursions and have attended every school musical. Although we do not live in the Rowville area, it was a ‘no brainer’ that they attend Rowville SC. My children are currently at the college and take advantage of the many opportunities the school offers – including various sports and excursions, multiple camp opportunities and a huge variety of electives to meet their interests.”

Gary added “one thing that has been a constant over the last 20+ years are the supportive staff at the college. The students are really blessed to have a number of dedicated and incredibly hard working, quality individuals as teachers who will bend over backwards to help them in their educational journey”.

“Despite being at the college for so long, I don’t feel there’s any need to change. Things are always changing and the college is continually looking to improve. Now with the reintroduced house system, introduction of Learning Mentors, and a real focus on the importance of developing a growth mindset I am really excited about what the future holds at the Rowville Secondary College.”