Interview with our School Captain

Name – James Ydreos
Title – School Captain Eastern Campus
Program – Rowville Institute of the Arts

1. As School Captain, what are you most excited about this year?

I am most excited about having the ability to implement change within the school through voicing the thoughts, views, beliefs and opinions of my peers. I believe it is so important that student voice is addressed and acted upon. This ensures that the college remains an environment that students are wanting to attend.

2. What do you love about Rowville Secondary College?

I love how RSC is so diverse and welcomes all. No matter what your personal attributes or characteristics are, there is a place for you at Rowville. This is greatly achieved through the four programs the college offers, RIA, GE, RSA and MSA. Students are given the opportunity to specialise in a field they are passionate about. We get to do what we love every single day!

3. What changes would you like to put in place to make RSC better for all students?

I would love there to be further interaction between all four programs!
This would make RSC better for all students because it would ensure everyone felt welcomed and that they belong.

4. How do you feel about this year’s school theme ‘Respect’ – what do you think you will do day-to-day to action this?

I think the college’s choice to focus on ‘RESPECT’ as the school-wide theme for 2020 is so great! It is important students demonstrate respect and give respect to others not only in the classroom, but within the community! Personally, I demonstrate respect daily by simply giving others a smile as they pass. Simple things like this can have a positive impact on someone’s day.