Interview with our School Captain

Name – Patrick Astudillo
Title – School Captain Western Campus
Program – General Excellence

1. As school captain or vice-captain, what are you most excited about this year?

I am looking forward to working together with all the other school captains to make the school a great experience for everyone. As well as creating new memories with ‘The Class of 2019’.

2. What do you love about Rowville Secondary College?

I love how the teachers aim to create great relationships with their students and make us feel like we can talk to them about anything.

3. What changes or implementations would you like to put in place to make RSC better for all students?

I think that students have a lot of ideas but don’t have the opportunities or courage to speak up. I think anonymous suggestion boxes for each year level, or simply just meeting more regularly with Learning Mentor Representatives to hear ideas from each Learning Mentor Group. I want to give students more voice as it’s their school years.

4. How do you feel about this year’s school theme ‘This is us’ – what do you think you will do day-to-day to action this?

‘This is us’ is a great way to continue from last years theme ‘This is me’. School students often forget that they should see school as a community, where everyone should feel comfortable and feel as if they are part of something. To promote this years theme,  I will try and say hello to new people regularly, as well as offer a helping hand wherever possible. Working together and building good relationships  is important for this years theme.