Introducing our wonderful & dedicated school staff including our teachers, principals and education support staff. Each week we will add a new staff member to this page.

On this page we have included the following staff members below. Please scroll down to read these in detail.

  • Matthew Neal – Dean of Students (Eastern Campus)
  • Melissa Fraser – Transition Coordinator (Western Campus)
  • Damien Mizzi – Director of Music
  • Jane Zaal – VCE Coordinator
  • Marica Distefano – Receptionist

Matthew Neal – Dean of Students 

Introducing Matthew Neal who is brand new to Rowville Secondary College this year. Previously Mr Neal worked at Gleneagles Secondary College.  Matthew’s previous experiences in schools has been involved in student engagement, specifically as a Senior School Leader and his teaching methods are Physical Education, Health and Science.

Mr Neal’s role this year at Rowville Secondary College is Dean of Students at the East Campus, specifically working with yellow and red houses. This position involves working closely with Learning Mentors and Heads of House to support students in their academic programs.

“What I am most looking forward to in 2018 is being part of the exciting change within the College as the new house system is introduced. It provides a great opportunity to contribute to significant change, which will help support and develop the talents of all students.” Said Matt.

“What I have enjoyed most about Rowville in the short time I have been here is how ‘welcoming’ and ‘supportive’ everybody has been. It has also been great to see student so engaged in their individual strength based programs as part of either the RSA or RIA programs at the east campus.”

Jane Zaal – VCE Coordinator

Introducing Jane Zaal our VCE Coordinator at the Western Campus. Ms. Zaal looks after the programs and concerns for all VCE students. Her job entails working with students to ensure that they have a program in place that will assist them to do their very best in their studies.

Jane has been at Rowville Secondary College since 2004 and her main subject that she teaches is English. Jane’s favourite moment in the classroom is when a student achieves their very best – that moment when the student ‘gets it.’  “It’s a great feeling to watch them learn and understand what you are teaching them. RSC is a school with so many opportunities for staff, but especially students.  I love working at the college because it is an ever-changing school and we’re always moving forward with our teaching and challenging students minds, and watching them learn is great.”

“I am looking forward to my new role as VCE Coordinator and assisting students to do their very best while at school. My favourite part of the day is the Learning Mentor time, I have a fabulous group of students who enjoy the time, building relationships and assisting each other to learn.”

Melissa Fraser – Transition Coordinator

Mel Fraser started at Rowville Secondary College approximately 20 years ago! She has worked across both the West and East Campuses teaching Maths. Her previous role was Maths & Science Academy Team Leader where she coordinated various aspects of the MSA program. This year Mel has taken on the new challenge of Transition Coordinator at the West. This involves assisting the year 7 students to settle smoothly into secondary school and working with local primary schools to help showcase Rowville Secondary College. “I have a wonderful year 7 Learning Mentor group who participate enthusiastically in the morning sessions.” She said and added “I love teaching Maths and helping students to understand new concepts to build their mathematical skills. I teach year 12 Math Methods and have had the privilege of teaching some students when they are in year 7 and again when they are in year 12. I am excited about the changes taking place at RSC in 2018 and enjoy being part of this process.” says Mel.

“’I’d like to thank Mrs. Fraser, she is such an inspirational teacher and her teaching methods and approach are amazing, she is very understanding and considerate and I want to be a teacher just like her.” Said Annie Hu, 2017 School DUX when asked who helped her achieve her top ATAR.

Marica Distefano – Receptionist

Introducing our lovely Receptionist Marica Distefano. Marica has worked at Rowville Secondary College for nearly one year now and is our first point of contact when you pop in or phone the college. Marica handles the day-to-day calls for the college, however if you have a specific question about your child and his or her learning/studies or welfare at the school please contact their Learning Mentor via email on Compass.

“I love working at Rowville Secondary College, it is a very supportive environment and I am continually learning new things. I enjoy working with the staff and teachers and students, it’s very fast paced and no day is ever the same! This year I look forward to our new house system and structure and meeting more of the school families and community.”

Damien Mizzi – Director of Music

Meet our Director of Music, Damien Mizzi. Damien’s background is in music and psychology, both as a teacher and by fusing those areas together as a music therapist. Damien has have worked with children and adults in hospitals, teenagers facing social, emotional and behavioural challenges, and people with disabilities.  Damien started working at the college in 2017, and teaches classes in both music and psych. As Director of Music, his role is to manage our growing Instrumental Music and bands program, and ensure that our Classroom Music and RIA Music programs inspire creativity and excellence.

“We have so many talented and enthusiastic musicians at Rowville SC, and they are fortunate to have many unique performance and composition opportunities, supported by being part of a wonderful musical community.”

“My favourite part of this job is working with students to bring their new musical creations to life. Music provides so many possibilities to empower students and allow them to collaborate and express themselves, and I am looking forward to hearing the songs and compositions that our students record and perform this year.”