RIA Showcase was a success!

The best in dance, drama, media and visual arts on display at the Performing Arts Centre on Wednesday night.

Senior Media Specialism students have been mentored by James Morgan from ATC Productions this semester and supported the students while they ran a live-to-disc broadcast style recording of the event.

“Students have studied the language, standards and design of live broadcast, familiarised themselves with high end cameras, communication headsets, vision switching displays and boards,” Media teacher Lauren Bertacchini said.

The students assigned specific production roles and designed four camera coverage of the auditorium, aerial footage of the stage, organised power supply, cables, interviews with performers and social media content for the night.

“The students did a fantastic job, and they worked with professionalism as a focused team. They supported each other and worked hard throughout the design, planning, bump-in, filming and bump-out. Keep your eyes peeled for the DVD,” Bertacchini said.