Offering Elite Opportunities

The Rowville Sports Academy is a full time integrated academic and sporting program that focuses on Football (Soccer), Basketball, Golf, Aussie Rules Football, Volleyball, Tennis, Cricket and Netball. This program allows young male and female student athletes to develop their sporting talent while receiving their secondary education concurrently. The Academy employs highly qualified coaches and houses for all sporting programs.

  • Netball
  • Football (Soccer)
  • Basketball
  • Golf
  • Aussie Rules Football
  • Volleyball
  • Cricket
  • Tennis

Rowville Sports Academy Vision

“To be recognised by peak sporting organisations throughout Victoria, Australia and internationally as the best school based academy offering the ‘talented’ and ‘elite’ student athlete development programs in each sport.”

Rowville Sports Academy Aims

  • To provide the highest quality specialised sports programs including the best coaching, facilities and equipment.
  • To develop strong partnerships with peak sporting organisations and related sports industries.
  • To assist students to achieve an appropriate balance between their academic and sporting aspirations within a supportive educational environment.
  • To promote a “culture of excellence” with focus on academic, personal and sporting development and performance through individualised programs.

The video below gives an insight into what we offer at Rowville Sports Academy.

Training Sessions

The training sessions conducted during coaching periods involve skill sessions, strength and conditioning sessions and tactical sessions. The skill sessions involve sport coaches helping students develop in their respective sport through specialised drills.

Strength and conditioning sessions involve RISE Health Group exercise physiologists and university sport science students guiding RSA students through exercises that focus on developing components of fitness including strength, power, speed, agility, balance and flexibility. Tactical sessions are less frequent but still play a vital role in sport development. These sessions are held by sport coaches and may involve video analysis in addition to strategic discussions.

Athlete Health Services


Although all RSA sport programs minimise the risk of injury through appropriate strength and conditioning practices and technique analysis, unfortunately not all injuries can be prevented. We work closely with RISE Health Group who provide on-site physiotherapy services free of charge for RSA students during school hours.


A physiotherapist is an expert in the assessment and treatment of pain and altered function (strength, flexibility, co-ordination, mobility). RISE Health physiotherapists specialise in treating sport and musculoskeletal injuries which makes them an ideal partner to entrust with the rehabilitation of RSA students. Physiotherapists use a range of techniques to rehabilitate athletes including soft tissue manipulation, supportive taping and strapping, exercise interventions and joint mobilisation.

RISE Health Group routinely provide podiatry services to RSA students on-site. Podiatrists specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of foot disorders and lower limb problems. Podiatry is very valuable in a sporting context as many musculoskeletal problems and injuries can stem from the feet. Some techniques podiatrists use to reduce injuries and improve performance include joint mobilisation, biomechanical assessments, soft tissue manipulation and trigger point therapy, orthotic interventions and exercise interventions.


Dietetics services are also provided to students regularly by RISE Health Group. Dieticians are experts in nutrition and diet regulation. Educating RSA students on the role of nutrition in sport enables them to better control their body composition, sport performance and recovery. Nutrition fact sheets provided by RISE Health Group are available under the student resources tab of this website.

Sports Psychology

Sport Psychology is an emerging discipline and focuses on improving sport performance from a mental aspect. RISE Health offer sport psychology services to RSA students as required. Some of the methods sport psychologists use to enhance sporting performance and improve mental health include educating students on anxiety management techniques, goal setting, mental imagery, self esteem and time management skills. We see sport psychology as a very valuable service for RSA students because being a talented athlete and wanting to achieve academically requires a huge time commitment and can be very stressful for students. Being able to see a professional may assist in reducing stress and improving student performance both academically and in their sport.

Sport Science

Strength and Conditioning

Strength and conditioning (S&C) forms an integral part of RSA sport programs. Carefully designed S&C programs allow athletes to improve components of fitness specific to their sport (e.g. strength, power, speed, endurance, balance, agility, etc.). S&C also plays a huge roll in injury prevention; by improving the amount of force muscles can endure reduces the risk of sustaining soft tissue injuries. Our S&C program is run by RISE Health Group Exercise Physiologists who have extensive experience in preparing young athletes for the demands their sport places on their bodies.

The S&C program involves drills that target specific components of fitness to improve sport performance. Some examples include resisted running and jumping (power), landing on unstable surfaces (balance), change of direction drills (agility) and specialised sprinting drills (speed). Complementing the on-court/on-field S&C drills, students also complete S&C sessions in the Rowville Sport Precinct fitness centre. The fitness centre is a modern gym with a mix of traditional and innovative training equipment. Training in the fitness centre allows students to learn the correct lifting technique for many exercises employed by elite sporting teams (e.g. bench press, squat, shoulder press, etc.).

Movement Analysis

The sports science program at RSA involves technique and movement analysis. RISE Health Group exercise physiologists and RSA coaches have experience in applying biomechanical principles to movement aimed at improving efficiency, accuracy and preventing injury. The evolution of technology in recent years has allowed coaches to record, analyse and give feedback to students immediately after performances. RSA coaches have access to Apple iPads with movement analysis apps to facilitate immediate feedback and PC software for more detailed analysis following training sessions.