YEAR 12 students received their ATAR results on Monday, with Rowville Secondary College boasting an overwhelming 16 students scoring over 80, and five students scoring over 90. 

Amanda Thai’s story |  Sarah Goh’s story | Dilini Wijetunga’s story | Meg Dunn’s story

Amanda Thai (pictured right) was named the College dux, scoring 99.05, while Sarah Goh registered 98.8, Joshua Mason with 94.7, Dilini Wijetunga 92.75 and Meg Dunn, 90.6.

“I don’t think I would have got the same experience if I’d went to a different high school,” Amanda Thai said.

“It was really influential in making me who I am.”

Sarah Goh praised the hard work of the College’s teachers this year.

“The main thing is the teachers for sure – they just put everything into the students,” she said.

Dilini Wijetunga knew the best she could do for herself was to be prepared, to which it paid off.

“There were times when I thought I wasn’t sure if it was going to pay off, but if you keep working you can trust that the worst that can happen isn’t too bad.”

Meg Dunn worked through a hectic 2016 schedule of rehearsals and shows this year, but remained true to her belief of hard work.

“It’s how hard you work as an individual that will get you those marks – that’s what I did, I just worked really hard,” she said.