Strengthen relationships, understanding & appreciation between people

The goals of our sister school program are:

  • To strengthen relationships, understanding and appreciation between people in Australia and the people of Japan and Indonesia
  • To deepen the understanding of and respect for each others cultures
  • To develop opportunities for students and teachers to develop skills which enhance Australia-Japan relationships
  • To support the teaching of English in Japan & Indonesia
  • To develop ties of friendship through regular communication
  • To develop global perspectives and citizenship
  • To develop curriculum links and collaborative learning projects

Sister School Activities

  • The exchange of information about curriculum, school policy and school events
  • The exchange of teaching resources, course materials and teaching strategies
  • The exchange of student work, letters, photos, student newspapers, email, etc to promote mutual understanding.
  • Distance learning via information and communication technology.
  • Study tour programs between the countries, if and when possible
  • Teacher exchange programs


Motoyama Junior High School

Rowville Secondary College maintains a close and exciting sister-school relationship with Motoyama Junior High School, which is located in Aichi Prefecture near Nagoya. The relationship between RSC and MJHS is designed to foster, maintain and promote mutual understanding and positive relations between Australia and Japan.


High School SMAN 1 Tasikmalaya

A new sister school relationship was formed at the beginning of 2009 with a school in Indonesia. Located in West Java, SMAN 1 Tasikmalaya has students in grades 10 to 12, so is a senior high school. Tasikmalaya is the city name and the area is known for its significant handicraft industry.