Rowville Secondary College’s renowned Sports Academy is set to launch its new tennis academy at the beginning of 2017.

Rowville Secondary College’s renowned Sports Academy is set to launch its new tennis academy at the beginning of 2017.

Tennis will join an already prominent line-up of sports available at the Rowville Sports Academy, including AFL, basketball, cricket, netball, golf, volleyball and soccer.

Level three high performance coach, Adrian Muscillo (pictured right), better known as ‘AJ’, will be heading up the program.

AJ is an internationally-renowned tennis coach, having won the 2015 Coaching Excellence – ANZ Tennis Hot Shots award at the Newcombe Medal, and the 2014 Victorian Coach of the Year.

AJ is one of only 70 level three high performance tennis coaches in Australia, where he has spent time at all major international academies and has worked with Tennis Australia and Tennis Victoria.

“I’ve got a good understanding of the whole pathway (and) the content that’s required to get the kids through the levels,” AJ said.

“It’s more about educating the whole team, being able to provide that entire pathway for a kid that’s coming through the Hot Shots program and then becoming a high performance player and understanding the tournament pathway.”

The challenge of coaching juniors is one embraced by AJ, as well as appreciating the diversity of the junior program.

“It’s what I love about it – you have to respect the different personalities and the upbringings, and the physiques of the kids and you’ve got to match the game-style to it so they like it,” he said.

“We create a good rapport with the kids and they see us as their role model a bit. We do sort of become long term good family friends.”

AJ cannot wait for the launch of Rowville Sports Academy’s tennis program, where he believes it provides unrivalled value for money.

“It’s pretty exciting,” he said.

“It’s fitted inside their school day curriculum, from nine (am) and three (pm). They basically don’t do PE and they don’t do a language, that way we can run four squads for them and they do two supervised gym sessions as well as physiotherapy and that type of stuff.

“It’s only $4000 a year and that covers everything, so that’s all of their tennis, all of their physio and gym plus their academics,” AJ said.

“The only extra expenses they have outside of that are their uniform and a bus if they need it. They even get all the local bus trips for free. That will all be supplied inside that initial cost. “It’s a huge deal and nobody can compete with that.”

The facilities at the Rowville Sports Academy add to the value of the program, according to AJ.

“At the same time we’ve got state-of-the-art facilities, the gym is incredible, we’ve got ice-bath rooms and last year I won Australian Coach of the Year so we know what we’re doing and the kids are going to get the best possible service at a very, very competitive rate,” he said.

AJ believes the program will impress from day one, with the demand for spots in the Tennis Academy growing, as the program is open to all age levels from year seven to year 12.

“That number’s only going to grow and grow over the coming months as we promote a little bit more and get the word out there,” he said.

“People will be really impressed when they turn up initially, as to how professional we are, what we offer and how deep our knowledge is.”

“That will hold the program in good stead and it will really set us apart from the couple of schools that are around, there’s not many.

“I think we’ll be a major competition and the kids will get a lot of satisfaction and development out of the program, and we’ll be ready to go full steam ahead day one.”