The week that was the College’s Tasmanian cricket tour, with Tanya Vandevelde…. 


The boys have been immaculate in terms of their behaviour, sportsmanship and their representation of the College. They have had an absolute ball.

On Monday we arrived, got to the accommodation and headed out to the first match pretty quickly, against an under-14s rep side. We batted and made 369 from 50 overs. Jack Conroy made his first ever 100 so that was pretty spectacular. His dad and grandfather came to watch him so it was really special to see them witness it.

On Tuesday, we bowled and bowled them out for 220. That morning we spent some time at Bellerive Oval watching the Sheffield Shield and exploring the museum of cricket history there.

On Wednesday morning we went to the beach for a quick recovery session and then to Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary where the boys met Tassie devils and fed kangaroos. That afternoon we played another under-14 representative side from Southern Rep and played a different format of 25 overs a side and they beat us in the last over. Then back to Bellerive to see more of the Sheffield Shield under lights.

(On Thursday) we went to an indoor cricket centre as it was raining and played indoor cricket and a bit of futsal. We then played the same side as yesterday, in another 25 overs per side match.  

Jake Simpson took 7 wickets off 17 balls. You won’t be able to wipe the smile off his face for weeks. It was an intense finish, we needed to score one run per ball for the last five overs and it ended on a tie.

It has been a very exciting and rewarding week for all the students as they have had an opportunity to gel as a team and immerse themselves in their love of cricket.  

In particular it has been really pleasing to see them grapple with the social demands of such an intense week of team sport and use their social skills, maturity, empathy and team work to bring out the best in each other.