Top ATAR Score for 2018

Congratulations to our 2018 DUX Harrison Sloan with a Top ATAR score of 95.25. We’re all very proud of you Harrison & wish you all the best with your future studies. Harrison is our first Rowville Sports Academy DUX student at the college. Harrison is a volleyball player.

Well done Harrison on this outstanding achievement.

Here’s what Harrison had to say:

How are you feeling?

Very relieved! I have always wanted to do well in school, so to get a good result, I am both happy and relieved that not only have I achieved a high result, but also that all the stress is over. Additionally, I am very excited for this year, especially looking forward to university and its associated challenges.

What are you planning to do this year and what are your future goals?

This year I will be attending University. My uni of choice, Monash University, has offered me a scholarship, so that is where I will be undergoing my tertiary education. In regards to my future; I’m not sure what it holds in store. I could do a lot of jobs/careers, but I guess my overall goal is just to be in a position where I’m happy, comfortable and mostly stress free.

Is there anyone at RSC you would like to thank?

Very cliche response, but I would just like to reiterate how thankful I am for all my teachers. They have always been an integral part to not only my education but my personal growth. They are all so extremely talented, knowledgeable and hardworking individuals.  In particular, Miss Suderson showed me what hard worked really was, and even though her teaching can be harsh at times I think she was able to push me beyond what I thought was imaginable. She is extremely attentive and works hard for those willing to put in the effort. Though she is tough on the outside she is just as wonderful and kind of any of my teachers throughout my schooling.

And of course to my friends and others who have always been helpful and shown kindness towards me. 

Harrison Sloan – Speech from High Achievers Assembly

Parents, teachers, current students and to my classmates of 2018

I stand here, representing the school as 2018 college dux, tasked to shed some light on some of my experiences throughout my schooling, and to give advice to current and future year 12 students.

I will try avoid the cliché advice that we have all heard, such as “complete x amount of work” or to “have a balance between your social life and schooling”, but concentrate on advice that I believe is most important in not only obtaining a high ATAR, but more importantly will help in making all of us better people.

I whole heartedly believe the number one value to uphold is Respect.

Respect by definition is to have high regard or admiration for something or someone, and hence display a positive action or feeling towards said something or someone. Typical examples of respect such as “listen to your teachers/coaches” or “don’t talk over others”, seem easy to abide by and hence respect seems relatively simple to uphold.

But it is the unyielding and constant respect for all facets of schooling and life that really makes great students and people. It not just listening, but it’s the respect and hard work you demonstrate through your work, the respect you show towards your environment, the respect you exhibit towards your peers even if you don’t feel like training or being at school, the respect where you take the moral high ground even if it agonises you to do so. And most importantly the respect you have for yourself.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my parents, friends and teachers.

It is only through your hard work, dedication and belief towards me that I can be standing here, limitless with opportunity.

To cap off this speech I would like to end with some last words of advice, 1. Don’t complain about a situation, fix it appropriately, challenge yourself or make the best of it, 2. Challenge your teachers in a positive manner, you will be surprised by the response, I’m sure many teachers here have experienced my relentless amount of emails and questions.

And last but not least, work hard!

Thank you.

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