What if I did not learn about indigenous Australians at school?
RIA’s 7R history class answered this question:  

Meg Groeneveld:

If I did not learn about Aboriginal people at school, it would be pretty shocking as people deserve to know the truth about what our land has been through and what our people have been through. Aboriginals have every right to be heard it’s like saying “oh just because you have blonde hair you can’t vote.” It’s stupid, absolutely stupid. Aboriginal people have treated our land with respect and care, we should be learning from their discoveries and we SHOULD respect them as equal human beings.

Hannah Belli:

I would not understand the history/background of Australia and who were the first Australians on this land. I also think if we did not know about the first people on this land we would not know about us and how we live on such an amazing land! We would not be Australia without the aboriginal people who first came to this land. I Also think we should respect the aboriginal people no matter what their skin colour is, or there voice, or how they live, or what they celebrate, because we are all equal. Everyone is equal and if you don’t think that, just think how is Australia amazing, and say, because of the aboriginal people we still have here to this day!

Victoria Brown:

If I didn’t learn about Aboriginal people at primary or secondary school I wouldn’t know that there were over 250 languages spoken in Australia, that there was a thing called the Smoking Ceremony which was led by an Indigenous Australian with a particular cultural knowledge, that Ancient Australia was multicultural, how they get their food and how they survived. I am so glad I am able to learn about the amazing people of our land and  everything they went through to survive and our beautiful country. They are the owners of our land so they have every right to be respected.

Ashley-Lucey Jannert:

If I didn’t learn about Aboriginal people at school, I wouldn’t know when and how they came to Australia, what Torres Strait Islanders are, the estimated population, how they survived, what their flag symbolises, the Dreaming, their 6 seasons and the kind of weather that occurred during them, how they used fire and so much more. 

I believe that it’s very important to know about Indigenous Australians as they lived on our land before the world knew it existed. They are the true owners of the land and I will always respect them. I am extremely glad that at Rowville Secondary College we are able to learn about the history of our country as it teaches us about our culture.

Kyralee Matthewson:

In this world there is quite a lot of discrimination on these people and if we did not learn about Aboriginals then we will never be able to change or stop racism and discrimination. We would also never learn about their beliefs on the way this land is the way it is today.

But Aboriginals are true owners of this land and if I did not learn about these amazing people of this land, I would have no explanation on the history of this amazing land.