Being “eSmart” or “cyber smart” is an important aspect of 21st century learning.  As the world continues to change and the blending of technologies continues to become a seamless part of our day to day lives, it’s important through the education process that we consider how best to ensure our students have the knowledge and skills to make both safe and informed decisions when interacting with digital devices.

As the year progresses, Rowville Secondary College is preparing to become more eSmart than ever.  This will include a review of our curriculum, particularly around cyber safety, the hosting of public parent forums based on keeping our students safe in a digital world, and a development of staff knowledge in this area.

Please keep your eyes open for more information about our eSmart journey and the important role you can play in the coming months.  For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact our Directors of eLearning on 9755 4555.

Adam Smith and Paola Malatesta

Directors of eLearning