By: Beata Clark

All Year 7 students came together in the PAC on Friday to hear the competitors battle it out for prizes in the Year 7 Oratory competition.

Every Year 7 student prepared a speech to deliver to their English class, and the best speech was selected from each class. Students could choose to speak on:

– The event in history I would like to change

– The best invention

– Any adversity can be overcome

The West campus winner, chosen by a panel of judges, was Keeley Bristowe, and the East winner was Jiei Motoki. Keeley and Jiei will both deliver their speeches at Junior Presentation Evening. It will be a treat to hear them, whether for the first, second or twentieth time.

Kaiden Jude won the people’s choice award.

Congratulations to all the students who overcame their stage-fright and shared personal experiences in front of teachers and 200 of their peers, who were all greatly impressed with their efforts.