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Rowville Secondary College is home to a state of the art Performing Arts Centre.

This outstanding venue hosts a 500 capacity rising seating plan and exceptional facilities which are designed to showcase the diverse performances hosted by the college and wider community.

The Performing Arts Centre has been created for use by a wide variety of cliental and boasts professional facilities.

What ever the event, the Performing Arts Centre will provide a professional platform to deliver an outstanding result.

We welcome your interest and will be happy to arrange a guided tour of the facility as well as answer any questions you might have in regards to hosting an event.

Venue Hire



Rowville Performing Arts Centre has various hire price options.There are different rates for each available space within the venue. Different hire costs apply for rehearsal and performance times. There may be extra costs for public holidays.

All prices will be outlined when a booking for the theatre is made. All required documents are located in the side column to the right.


When hiring the theatre the price includes:

  • Use of in-house Theatre Lighting and Audio Equipment
  • Use of Power
  • Air Conditioning
  • Foyer Area
  • Dance Studio
  • Change Rooms

Extra costs are involved if you would like to hire external audio, visual or lighting equipment.
The foyer can be used to sell tickets and merchandise.
Ticketing systems are not supplied with theatre hire but if you would like to sell seating tickets for your event we recommend use of TryBooking – www.trybooking.com



Upon hire Rowville Performing Arts Centre will need to be supplied with a current Certificate of Currency for $10,000,000 public liability insurance.

If you’re ready to make a booking, please visit our dedicated ‘Rowville Performing Arts Centre website’ and request a quote.


Can I use my own sound and lighting equipment?

Yes, as long as they are familiar with our equipment.

Is there parking at the theatre?

Yes, there is a car park at the theatre.

Is it the same technician(s) throughout the day and for the show?

Yes, in most cases you will have the same technician(s) for the duration of your hire period.

Can i video the event?

Yes, providing you have the rights to do so (depending on the show).

Is there communciation between side stage and control room?

Yes, we do have communication lines which can be setup prior to show for easy communication between the stage manager and the control room.

Can people stand in the theatre isles?

For saftey reasons we ask that you do not stand in the aisles during a show as in the event of an emergency this is considered a major hazard.

How many people can the theatre seat?

The theatre can hold a maximum of 500 people.

Do we have access to the whole theatre when hiring?

Yes, you will have access to the whole theatre with the exception of the dance studio and change rooms between the hours of 9:00am and 3:30pm on week days as these facilitles are used during school hours.

Can we sell tickets at the entry door?

Yes, you can sell your own tickets for your show at the door.

Can i take photos during the show?

Depending on the show, this is the choice of the show organiser.

Does the theatre have wheelchair access?

Yes, the theatre does have reserved seating areas for wheelchairs.

Will there be any extra charges?

There may be extra costs involved if you’re looking to hire external equipment for your event.