Curiosity & Powerful Learning

Using students’ passions to motivate them

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Our strengths-based approach to education values diversity and uses students’ passions to motivate individuals to be the very best learners and the finest people they can be.

The goal of ‘Curiosity and Powerful Learning’ is that all Rowville Secondary College students will be literate, numerate and curious. As powerful learners, students need the ability to respond successfully to the tasks that are set and the tasks they set themselves.

Teachers have invested in a clear set of values and professional learning process that informs what we do every day, for every child in every classroom.

Tasks that students are set and the tasks they set themselves include the capacity to:

  • Integrate prior knowledge
  • Acquire and apply a range of learning skills
  • Solve problems individually and in groups
  • Think carefully about their successes and failures, and learn from both
  • Evaluate conflicting evidence
  • Think critically
  • Accept that learning involves uncertainty and difficulty.