Western Campus – School Captains

Sarah Ternes

School Captain

Ella Willis

School Captain

Naomi Barnard

Vice Captain

Ami Sullivan-Rowe

Vice Captain

“I am excited to make connections with a variety of students and aim to continue building a positive school community.”

– Sarah Ternes.

“My goal this year is to make a difference, to not put greatness into people but to elicit it. For the greatness you all behold is already there.”

– Ella Willis.

“I look forward to all the exciting opportunities, amazing friendships and to being a leader and role model in our community this year.”

– Naomi Barnard.

“I love and appreciate the effort that teachers put in to make sure that the students are able to learn at their best.”

– Ami Sullivan-Rowe.

Eastern Campus – School Captains

Jiei Motoki

School Captain

Phoebe Griffiths

School Captain

Jacob Bourke Doggett

Vice Captain

Hailey Merrigan

Vice Captain

“I’m really looking forward to working with all the Captains and staff as well as students to make this year great.”

– Jiei Motoki.

“I have always been so amazed with the range of skills and talents across RSC. It is such a privilege getting to work alongside so many talented students and teachers who help you to achieve the best that you can in all aspects. 

– Phoebe Griffiths.

“Being at RSC since Year 7 has allowed me to be around so much skill and talent of teachers and students to develop to who I am today. It has been a privilege and always will be, being apart of RSC.”

– Jacob Bourke Doggett.

“I want 2021 to be a year that we can all thrive! By working together, we can achieve great things.”

– Hailey Merrigan.