Join the Rowville Secondary College Alumni Association and be part of the growing story of our school’s history and future.

We believe alumni are an essential part of Rowville Secondary College’s community. In addition to attending reunions, alumni are uniquely placed to inspire current and future students and staff and provide career guidance and work experience opportunities, establish scholarships and bequests, or volunteer in lots of other ways.

At Rowville Secondary College we are building our alumni network and co-ordinating alumni involvement within the school to create a sustainable alumni culture across the school, benefitting current students and staff. We’re doing this with the help of Ourschool, a not-for-profit service that helps public high schools build thriving alumni communities.

Our Alumni provide a crucial element of the school’s culture. They provide memories, they endorse history and they are our greatest advocates. If you attended Rowville Secondary College since it first opened its doors in 1990 we would be delighted to hear from you. There are a numbers of ways you can connect with us:

Be Part of the Story

“Rowville Secondary College has a long and proud history of educating thousands of students, across its east and west campuses against a stunning backdrop of the beautiful Dandenong ranges. Our Alumni Association seeks to bring those alumni together to (re)connect, network professionally and assist with building the alumni community at Rowville Secondary College to support the current students and advance the school into the future.” – Ms. Julie Kennedy, College Principal.

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Alumni Stories

Hayden Croizer – Class of 2011

Simon Reynolds – Class of 2009

Simon, a former School Captain from the class of 2009 shared his awe-inspiring story of becoming a circus performer and joining Cirque Du Soleil at our High Achievers Assembly on Tuesday 11 February. Simon was accepted and studied at National Institute of Circus Arts at Swinburne University of Technology, he graduated top of his class and landed a once in a life time opportunity performing in Paris. This set the wheels in motion for his successful career in Europe. Experiencing many ups and downs including breaking his back, Simon now runs his own circus performance company in Belgium and is the Associate Director at On Stage Events, Former Artistic Coordinator at ‘Fillage by Sure Mesure’.  He performs around the world! And he has been offered Cirque Du Soleil 7 times,  however Simon has not accepted the contract and decided instead to create his own companies.

His message to our students was loud and clear:

“There is no word as can’t’ – you can. Take all the opportunities that come your way. Be kind to yourself and kind to everyone. Be you!”

Ourschool Q&A Video Catch-Up Series with RSC Alum

During these challenging times whilst we’re all off campus, several Rowville Secondary College alum have very generously offered given their time to record a video Q&A catch up for students, sharing their pathway after Year 12 and giving current Rowville students practical tips about study, work and getting a job. The impact of these videos whilst we all have to remain off campus shouldn’t be underestimated in terms of the practical advice and confidence boost they provide students!

Video: Q&A catch-up with Kim Landy

Ourschool Program Coordinator, Sally Davis catches up with Kim Landy, Rowville Secondary College alumna, Class of 2008. Watch Video below.

ABOUT Kim Landy

Kim Landy, class of 2008 went to Melbourne Polytechnic, (then known as NMIT), to study Photo-imaging and Photography in 2009 and then Deakin University to study Communication Studies & Media Studies. Currently, Kim runs her own business photographing stories for editorial, humanitarian and advertising for NGO’s and businesses working with socially conscious brands such as OXFAM, Getty and Beyond Blue. “I create photographic content for advertising and social media. In the last 2 years, I have travelled for work to Nepal, Africa, Vietnam, Japan, Thailand, Laos, North America and Canada. Find your passion and you‘ll find your path.” said Kim.

Video: Q&A catch-up with Monica Lim

Ourschool Program Coordinator, Sally Davis catches up with Monica Lim, Rowville Secondary College alumna, Class of 2011. Watch Video below.

ABOUT Monica Lim

Monica went on to Monash University where she studied a Bachelor of Business, Accounting and Finance. She was also President of Monash Accounting Students’ Society as well as President and Treasurer of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations Club, (ASEAN). She spent 2 months in Cambodia as a volunteer English Teacher, teaching primary school English at the ‘People’s Improvement Organisation’ to a class of 32 students, aged between 8-16 years old. In 2016, she spent a semester studying overseas in the Netherlands at Tilburg university studying Economics and Management.

Video: Q&A catch-up with Akshay Taneja

Ourschool Program Coordinator, Sally Davis catches up with Akshav Taneja, Rowville Secondary College alumna, Class of 2014. Watch Video below.

ABOUT Akshav Taneja

Akshay Taneja was Junior and Senior school leader as well as student representative for school council. He attended multiple leadership conventions including the Knox Youth Council, Rotary Club and World Vision meetings to identify what his school could do to benefit the local community. He went to Monash University where he studied a double degree Bachelor of Commerce and Economics, alongside a Triple major in Finance, Economics and International Commerce. He was recognised as one of the Top 100 Future Leaders of Australia and a Top 9 in Australia for the Westpac Banking and Finance Award. He is currently working as a Mergers & Acquisitions and Corporate Development Analyst for 7Eleven.

Video: Q&A catch-up with Errin Mullins

Ourschool Program Coordinator, Sally Davis catches up with Errin Mullins , Rowville Secondary College alum, Class of 2000. Watch Video below.

ABOUT Errin Mullins

Errin Mullins, Class of 2000, studied Business Administration at Swinburne TAFE after leaving Rowville SC, graduating in 2001. Errin then spent several years working in the retail industry before being offered a role with IPA, a certified social enterprise recruitment agency, starting her career in the recruitment industry.

Since then, Errin has gone on to work in recruitment/talent advisor roles for Telstra, Toyota, Nissan, Porter Davis Homes and is currently the Senior Recruitment Business Partner for South East Water.

Errin’s motto is: “It’s about output, not hours.”

Alumni Interactive Online / Q&A Sessions with Students

During term 3, we have been running numerous online/interactive sessions where our Alumni are presented virtually to our classes.

Our RSC alumni from all backgrounds speak to the students, answer questions and share their stories since leaving Rowville Secondary College. Below are highlights and a short video or image from these sessions.

Online Session: Madeline Williams

Madeline Williams, Rowville Secondary College alumna, class of ’04, is an internationally successful, two-time RITA award finalist author & winner of Australia’s premier Romantic Book of the Year Award, (known as ‘the RUBY’).

As a student, Madeline loved English class and started writing prolific fan-fic, (approx. 2-300,000 words of it), from Year 8. The response to her writing was incredible, with thousands of strangers from across the world saying how much they loved her writing. Spurred by such a positive response, she studied at Deakin University, majoring in Professional Writing & Linguistics.

Recently Madeline generously gave her morning to take part in an interactive, Q&A session with Year 8 English students as part of an Ourschool Alumni session.

She shared fascinating stories about her career pathway, professional writing skills and, as shown in the short clip below, answered students’ questions such as, ‘What attributes do you think are important for a hero and heroine in 2020′ and ‘do you have any ‘writing rituals’.

Thank you Madeline, for your superb advice and inspiration, you taught students so much, including the key to a happy heart through pursuing your passion!

Online Session: Paulo Retre

Sydney FC midfielder Paulo Retre’s reputation precedes him. Growing up in Melbourne, he watched his father play for Footscray and was smitten. Fast forward two decades, age just 27, he re-signed a two-year contract with Sydney FC in January and is considered one of the game’s most talented and likable players.

It sounds almost too easy, but Paulo worked hard, really hard, from age six, both academically and physically to achieve what he has. Supported by a close family, attending Rowville Secondary College Sports Academy was the catalyst that set him on his pathway to the professional player status he holds today. So, it was with enormous pride Rowville Sports Academy welcomed him back earlier this week to participate in a live, Ourschool Q&A alumni session with over forty senior soccer students and staff.

Their shyness fast evaporating, students had many questions, from training habits to injury management, agent advice to living away from home. Paulo gave warm, considered and humorous advice, lifting spirits high in term three.

He is proof of what can be achieved through natural talent, passion and commitment. Thank you so much Paulo, for spending your one training-free morning inspiring students to follow their dreams!

Online Session: Kim Landy

Taking powerful photographs and producing documentaries telling socially important stories is what Kim Landy, Rowville Secondary College Alumna, Class of 2008 does every day – and she absolutely loves it. It all began way back when she “started taking photos of friends in bands at school” and realised she really rather liked it and was actually pretty good, winning a local photography competition… she’s never looked back.

In term 3, Kim generously gave up her morning to take part in a live, interactive online Q&A advisory session with over 30 Rowville Institute of the Arts Year 11 students and teachers.  She shared stories about her career pathway since Year 12, including studying Photo-imaging and Photography at Melbourne Polytechnic, running her own business working with organisations such as Oxfam, Bupa Australia and Beyond Blue as well as freelancing for Getty Images.

Students were keen to ask questions, ‘How much do you reflect on your previous work?’ to the business perspective, ‘What is your work process, from meeting the client to delivery? “It was great for senior students to hear about building their portfolio and networking. This is especially useful for the media students as their work this semester focuses on running their own shoot. Thank you so much Kim!” – Ms. Johnson, Media Teacher.

Kim’s final piece of advice to students was to, “Find your passion and you‘ll find your path” and we certainly believe her!

Employment Masterclass

Over 500 Rowville Secondary College senior students and 60 staff were privileged to be part of a live ‘Alumni Masterclass,’ covering professional interview skills, resume writing, LinkedIn profile-building and job-hunting advice.

Errin Mullins, (class of 2000), Recruitment Business Partner at South East Water and Richy Cartmell, (class of 2008) ANZ Social Network Community Manager & LinkedIn expert, gave their time and significant expertise to host a live Ourschool Q&A for students soon to be entering the adult workforce.

Their advice was invaluable. Errin gave students the inside track, revealing what a recruiter is really thinking/looking for, sitting across the desk from a candidate during interview. She also provided brilliant tips on how to make a resume stand out. Richard’s in-depth knowledge of LinkedIn saw him provide students practical advice on how to build a powerful LinkedIn profile, and successfully network and job-hunt on the platform.

Their excellent combined advice visible in this short clip, will, without doubt, benefit students in their future search for employment. Huge thanks, Errin & Richard, for your generosity in letting students experience first-hand the super-supportive RSC alumni community!

Employment Masterclass Photos

Alumni Update

We hope to welcome more alumni back to actual on-campus sessions with students when safe to do so, and until then, we will be hosting ‘Interactive online Advisory/Q&A sessions’ and videos for students.

We love to hear from former students so please contact us at Stay up to date with our Rowville Secondary College Alumni program on Facebook.