Go beyond the classroom

To build independence, self-confidence, strong friendships and life skills during the school years, it is often necessary to go beyond the classroom. At Rowville Secondary College, we strive to offer a rich variety of camps and excursions to extend learning experiences and develop essential skills to prepare students for the future.

Throughout the course of their education, there are numerous camp and travel opportunities for students. The year 7 adventure camp is always a wonderful success with students participating in a range of challenging and exciting activities. Our year 9 students participate in the urban tour which is designed to familiarise students with the city of Melbourne and provide authentic links to the curriculum. Other tours in the past have included the central Australia tour which is popular amongst older students.

Every second year, the College organises international tours to Japan. This provides invaluable opportunities for students to be immersed in the Japanese culture.

Additionally, the students of Rowville Secondary College have the opportunity to take part in a study tour of Italy every two years. The tour provides an authentic experience for students to engage in the local culture, history, language, food and view stunning landscapes and architecture. The tour is run with private guides imparting their knowledge, passion and appreciation of this wonderful country. Students are able to discover the big cities and some of the less famous destinations of Italy. The tour is available to students in years 8-12 (preferably studying Italian) & the duration of the tour is approximately 14 days.

The College has also been involved in World Challenge undertaking voluntary projects in third world countries such as Borneo, Cambodia and Africa. Rowville Secondary College is delighted to announce the launch of a very exciting program which offers senior students the opportunity to plan, fund and ultimately lead their own month-long expedition to Cambodia and Laos. This is scheduled to take place in November 2016.

Extension and enrichment activities for students across all programs are designed to further their educational experiences within the classroom and beyond. This may include excursions to special exhibitions, places of historical or cultural importance, field trips to undertake subject specific tasks and a range of incursions across subject areas.