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RSA College Uniform Requirements

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OnTrack Sportswear: is the official uniform supplier to Rowville Sports Academy.

Information can be obtained by emailing RSA Uniforms  OR you can order online.

Peak Shoes: is the official shoe supplier to Rowville Sports Academy. Click for information on how to order.



  • Microfibre jacket
  • Microfibre pants
  • Shorts (summer only)
  • White socks (above ankle no logo)
  • Rugby top (optional)
  • RSA students are to wear EITHER the Compulsory white with blue trim PEAK classroom shoe OR only black polishable leather lace-up school shoes with heel. No other style of shoes permitted.


All RSA students must wear the designated training uniform for coaching sessions and the designated competition uniform for competitions.

NB Training and competition uniform must not be worn in class.

Optional Items for all students:


Students are permitted to wear a plain white t-shirt or skivvy under school uniform. These extra pieces of uniform are for warmth and personal comfort and not a  replacement for the shirt.  T-shirts and skivvies must be plain white without writing or pictures and worn so that they do not show beneath shirt sleeves or shirt hem.

Other items

School Bag: Is Compulsory for year 7 to  year 11 students. Please note in 2022 it will be compulsory for all students.

Scarves: Students are permitted to wear scarves to school during winter months and with the winter uniform only. Scarves must be navy blue. Oversized fashion scarfs are not permitted.

Jewellery: Students may only wear SUBDUED STUDS OR SLEEPERS in their ears and students who have a nose piercing may  wear a discreet /or clear stud ONLY  and a wristwatch. A single subdued necklace may be worn provided it is a length that hangs below the shirt neckline.

Caps: a college cap is available from the uniform supplier. This is the only cap that can be worn at school and it is strongly recommended that all students wear it when outside. Caps are not to be worn in classrooms.

“Beanies” and other types of hats are not acceptable.

Hair colour: Only Natural hair colours are acceptable

Hair ties: Black, navy blue or white hair ties are acceptable

Belts: Belts worn with the college trousers or college shorts must be plain black