College Uniform Requirements

About our New School Uniform

The Rowville Secondary College uniforms will be changing for 2022.  We have correlated feedback from students and families as well as significant research into suppliers.  We are excited to announce that OnTrack Sportswear will be taking care of all our uniform needs.  We are very proud of our school and its specialist programs.  Moving forward we want to reflect our “One School” community and as such our uniform will reflect that across the school.

OnTrack Sportswear Opening Hours 

  • Tuesday 8am-1pm
  • Thursday 2pm-6pm
  • First Saturday of the month (during term) 8am-12noon

Address: 20 Kingsley Cl, Rowville VIC 3178.

Phone: 9765 5823 (phone monitored during shop hours only).

What does this mean for new students who commence on or after January 2022?

New students in years 7-12 who commence at RSC from the beginning of 2022 will have to purchase the new school uniform.

What does this mean for current students who commenced between 2018 and 2021?

Current students can choose to either:

  • Wear the new uniform
  • Wear the old uniform
  • Wear some items of the new uniform combined with some items of the old uniform.

In 2025, all students will be required to be in the new school uniform.


What does this mean for RSA students?

The phase-in for the new uniform is exactly the same for RSA students as the students in other programs (please see above). However, ALL current individual sports training and competition uniforms will remain the same.

**Please note that sports uniforms that require numbers will be assigned their number, you do not have to provide this.



How do I purchase the new uniform?


The new uniform will be available to purchase from 25 October 2021.   All uniforms must be ordered online through the OnTrack Sportswear portal.  Once you are able to access the link, You will need to create an account.  You are then able to order the uniform that is relevant to your child.  All students will be purchasing garments from the classroom uniform section. RSA students will purchase from the classroom section as well as training and playing uniform for their specific sport.  Once you have ordered and paid for your garments OnTrack Sportswear will send these directly to the student’s home address.  While we anticipate that majority of sizing will be available, it will of course be dependent on demand, and we ask you to please be patient if an item is on back order.  As soon as it becomes available this will be shipped to your home address.

I have a year 7 student beginning in 2022.  They already have an older sibling at the school in year 9.  Can my year 7 use the year 9 students’ old uniform?

No.  The older style uniform is being phased out.  As such all year 7 students must wear the new uniform.

Are all garments in the classroom uniform section compulsory?

No. We recommend that you buy what your student will wear, keeping in mind comfort requirements for changing seasons.

Does the school have a school shoe that students must wear?

The range does not include a specific shoe. However, for OHS reasons, students will be required to wear a lace-up or Velcro, sturdy and supportive shoe that has no heel or an insignificant heel and totally encloses the foot. Boots and slip-ons are not permitted. A well-fitted runner is recommended. We are lucky at Rowville Secondary College to have a partnership with PEAK shoes. They will be offering shoes at a significantly discounted price for our community.  Families can choose whether to purchase PEAK shoes or any other suitable shoe of their choice.

How do I order PEAK shoes?

Peak shoes are ordered directly through the PEAK link.  There is a sizing guide on their website to assist you with correct fitting.  Once you have ordered and paid for your shoes, they will be dispatched to the school.  You will be notified that they have arrived, and you will need to show your receipt to pick them up. PEAK SHOES FLYER >>


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