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During the year the Hands on Learning students made toys cars, trucks and boats and donated them to Rowville Primary School prep students. They also completed a mural on the outside of the HoL hut from hand cut ply shapes and mosaic, which was painted and installed by the students.

The students cooked breakfast and lunch everyday including pies, bacon and eggs, hot dogs and schnitzel burgers. The students grew their own produce to eat in the garden beds they constructed and also planted beetroot.

They made mosaiced small planter pots to donate to school staff to say thank you for all the hard work everyone does.

2022 projects also included:

  • Completion and installation of the Hands on Learning sign on the front of the building.
  • Construction of two veggie garden beds.
  • Established a small worm farm.
  • Begun work on a beautiful timber mural for the back of the Hands on Learning room.
  • Cooked many delicious breakfasts and lunches including bacon and eggs, crepes, curried sausages, spaghetti bolognaise and sausages and mash.
  • Made a beautiful mosaic table and mosaic plant pots for gifting.
  • Created a shadow board for all the safety equipment for easy access and organisation.
  • Constructed smaller planter boxes to grow edibles for the program.