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Making Waves at the House Sports Swimming Carnival

What a splashing good time we had on Tuesday 13 February, as students and staff from both campuses dove headfirst into the excitement of our annual House Sports Swimming Carnival at Monash Aquatic Centre.

The pool was buzzing with energy as our talented swimmers showcased their skills in classic events like breaststroke, backstroke, freestyle, and butterfly – some going on to represent our school at division. But that’s not all – we turned up the fun factor with hilarious relays and wacky activities, complete with green crocodile floaties and water gun showdowns with our awesome teachers keeping everyone cool.

Under the warm sun, the carnival took on a festive atmosphere with tunes pumping, beach volleyball matches heating up, and giant Jenga towers toppling over. Picture this: students and teachers lounging on vibrant picnic blankets spread across the poolside, all decked out in their vibrant house colours.

Our creative Year 12s stole the show with their out-of-this-world costumes, transforming into everything from Kath & Kim characters to Teletubbies, pirates, M&Ms, fairies, tutu-wearing superheroes, and even chipmunks!

With laughter echoing and spirits soaring, it was a day filled with camaraderie, competition, and endless fun in the sun. Congratulations to our victorious house (drumroll, please…) Aston – you rocked the pool and showed true House spirit!