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Walton Wins House Swimming Carnival

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In term 1, Rowville Secondary College held our House Swimming Carnival at the Monash Aquatic Centre. It was an awesome day for staff and students. Everyone dressed up in their house colours and there were many creative group costumes from our Year 12s and teachers.

Students were able to participate in many different swimming races. The swimming events were a huge hit with lots of students deciding to participate, give it a go and help earn points for their house. We had 50m freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly races, as well as 100m and 200m events. We also had medley, relay, and the novelty events which everyone loved watching. It was a great opportunity for students to work together in teams and have a fun day at the carnival.

In first place, and house winner was Walton with 388 points. A big well done to those who participated and congratulations to Walton.

Written by Natalie Ly, Year 11 Student.