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Victorian High Ability Students

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Please join our Rowville Secondary College community in congratulating our Victorian High Ability students for 2022.  Students have been able to work with others from across the State in challenging and collaborative activities that have extended them in Secondary Mathematics and Secondary English

Participating students learn, explore and express their ideas freely, make their own decisions about their work, be inspired and challenged by each other, gain confidence in their choices and abilities and feel excited by their learning.

Congratulations and well done to all our High Ability students!

Valentina Vukovic

Tiarna Mayoh

Sarah Pan

Ryder Pierce

Rebecca Jones

Mingyuan Yang

Maya Magno

Lawson Callaghan

Kimberly Choong

Joshua Akerblom

Jami Marandola

James Gannon

Isaac Ronalds

Ibrahim Kaveh-Ahangari

Harry Fortt

Blake Douglas

Beckham Baker

Mano Atanasov

Ahmed Raza

Isaak Georgiou

Jemma Breasley

John Hubert

Jordan Cook

Scarlett Bono-Allan

Tom Brusco

William Phillips

Zac Ulas

Amy Revesz