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Hands on Learning

A practical school program where Students learn by doing


Hands on Learning is a Save the Children practical school program that builds wellbeing, engagement, and attendance by creating opportunities for students to discover their talents and experience success through significant and authentic hands-on projects.

The four fundamental elements of Hands on Learning build the wellbeing platform for young people to grow in confidence, engage and achieve at school. Students engage with their learning by feeling safe and connected, having a sense of belonging, feeling that what they are doing at school is purposeful, and believing they are developing meaningful skills to thrive at school, within their community, and into employment

Students in Hands on Learning attend one day a week at school for as long as the support is needed on an individual basis generally from Years 8 to Year 10.

Students develop individual strengths, confidence in their own abilities, social and emotional skills and build important connections to the school, peers and supporting adults.

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what the students say about Hands On Learning

“It’s fun. We do so much. It’s teaching me productivity, using your initiative, it teaches you to learn things without realising.”

Year 9 Student

“At the start I was quiet. My attendance was poor, I was only coming to school one day a week. Now I’m more motivated to be here. I used to think if I was quiet nobody would notice when I wasn’t here at school. I love being here.”

Year 9 Student

“Back in class I’m doing my work, I’m calmer now when before I used to be easily frustrated.” 

Year 8 Student

“I can get my creativity out here,” she said. “In class I can’t get my creative needs out but being here reduces how much I get distracted in class now.” 

Year 10 Student