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Suessical, the Musical

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Staged at R.S.C in 2013, Seussical is based on the works of Dr. Seuss and weaves together his most famous tales and characters from at least fifteen of his books.
The show follows the adventures of Horton, an elephant who one day hears voices coming from a speck of dust. He soon discovers that within this tiny speck exists the smallest planet in the universe! On this tiny planet live a tiny race of creatures known as Whos.

Although ridiculed by the other animals in the Jungle of Nool for believing in something he cannot see, Horton stubbornly persists in his belief that the Whos exist. Traveling everywhere from the Jungle of Nool to McEligott’s Pool, some of the characters fall in love, some have desperate adventures, and some even save the world.

Cat in the Hat – Shane Evans
Jojo – Ebony Lawrence
Horton the Elephant – Brad Beard
Gertrude McFuzz – Phoebe Lowe
Mayzie LaBird – Jess Tyler
Sour Kangaroo – Ashlee Andrews
General Gengus Khan Schmitz – Josh Veress

Wickersham Brothers
– Lachlan Williams
– Mitch Chapman
– Kallee Sas
– Kalon MacDonald

Bird Girls
– Alysha Browning
– Amy Boocock
– Hannah Pierce
– Morgan Reddick
– Bethany Miller
– Brooke Macrae

Mr. Mayor – Daniel Donovan
Mrs. Mayor – Jaime-lee Willoughby

Vlad the Vulture – Natalie Blazevski
Yertle the Turtle – Monique Best
The Grinch – Kallee Sas
Max the Dog – Jackson Dow
Cindy Lou Who – Niki Simos
Young Kangaroo – Chelsea Browning
Thing 1 – Chloe Carroll
Thing 2 – Ebony Ellis
Elephant Bird – Mitch Gibbons



Gemma Forrester
Josh Groenewaldt
Lauren Munroe
Victoria Gilbert
Dana Brown
Jessica Webb
Ali Shellard
Lauryn Marston
Chloe Waterson,
Hayley Matushka
Ruby Schreck
Zoe Elysee
Elli Papadopulos
Kiara Corless
Kaeli Jameson
Leah Margaritis
Steph Wyklesma
Caitlin Durant
Paige Spiekman
Kelly Garbett-Tazare
Tonia Battaglia
Olivia Toughill
Tayla Frith
Alanna Lanzillotti
Nicole Meadows
Jay Corbett
Kamryn Morrison
Jamie Earp
Madi McKenzie
Sarah Loosley
Sarah Cullen
Gabby Sanderson
Lana Kitteringham
Zoe Dragoi


Featured Dancers:

Shelae MacDonald

Brittany Chiefalo
Sarah Morris
Georgia Hood
Jaymie-lee Lawrence
Taylah Fulton
Tatiana Danyluk
Kodie Spiekman
Jessie Anderson
Ashlee Tonkin