Hiring & Purchasing Instruments

The school has a limited number of instruments that are hired to Year 7 students. At the end of Year 7, these instruments must be returned to the school for servicing to be ready for the following year. Students will then be required to purchase their own instrument. A limited number of larger and more expensive instruments may continue to be hired from the School. These include: French Horn, Euphonium, Tuba, Oboe, Soprano Saxophone and Piccolo.

If you are looking to purchase an instrument, we suggest the following places as a reputable business to buy from. Please do not purchase instruments from Supermarkets or through cheaper online websites as repairers will not work on them if there are any issues.

Fine Music

Fine Music has a page set up with our recommendations of good beginner – intermediate instruments. If you would like suggestions for more advanced instruments, please talk to the relevant Instrumental teacher. Fine Music offer both Purchase or Rent – to – Buy and will deliver the instrument to the school if purchased online.

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Musicorp have a selection of instruments available for Rent, Rent to Buy or direct Purchase. They also have some preloved instrument available.

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Or any reputable Music Store.