Lesson Structure

Lessons in the Instrumental Music Program at Rowville Secondary College happen in various forms and throughout different times of the day. Most students in Years 7 – 12 receive a group lesson once a week on their instrument, while students who learn piano or who are preparing for their final year in VCE/VET Music receive individual tuition. The majority of these lessons happen during school time. To minimise disruptions to the normal school timetable, group lessons are rotated throughout the term and VCE students are timetabled during free periods where possible.

All students are required to participate in one of the school’s ensembles and this will be determined on ability level and instrument.

How to Enrol

Please click on this enrolment form or contact Melissa Forster at Music@rowvillescvic.edu.au

Contact Us

  • Email: music@rowvillesc.vic.edu.au
  • Head of Music West: Viv McPherson
  • Head of Music East: Jake Johnson
  • Music Administration: Melissa Forster

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Beginner Concert Band Program (including bass guitar) – $200.00 annual fee

Students entering the program for the first time are offered at a reduced rate to allow students and parents to discover if they would like to learn an instrument and continue with this in future years. Students select an instrument, perform as part of the Beginner Concert Band and are entitled to hire their chosen instrument through the school. Voice, Guitar and Piano lessons are not discounted in the Concert Band Program.

Year 8-12 Group lessons (Woodwind, Brass, Percussion, Strings, Guitar, Vocal) – $490 per annum

VCE Music Performance Unit 3 & 4 (Yr 12 students) Individual Lessons – $750 per annum

VET Certificate 3 Individual lessons – $750 per annum

Piano (individual lessons and do not participate in ensembles) – $1000 per annum

Ensemble (play in band but do not have lessons at RSC) – $100 annual fee

Hire of Instrument – $200 annual fee

Complete Instrumental Music Enrolment Form