A balance of academic study and sports training

At RSA we understand the importance of a quality education and strive to see students achieve their academic best. Although students participate in a significant amount of sport training, we have designed an academic curriculum that ensures they do not suffer academically. We create individual learning plans around our students and offer course counselling to assist students in discovering and pursuing their desired future pathway. We have assisted previous students in receiving USA college scholarships, gaining entry into their desired university or TAFE course, obtaining apprenticeships and receiving professional sport contracts.

We use grade point average reporting and provide parents with interim and semester reports to ensure they are informed of their child’s academic performance. We seek to work with parents to provide students with a supportive environment both at school and at home to ensure they reach their academic potential.

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2022 Curriculum Overview

Subject Allocations – Periods Per Fortnight:

Weekly Schedules

At Rowville Sports Academy we seek to provide the finest coaching, training and facilities for our students to ensure they have the best development opportunities in their desired sport. The sport program is integrated into the schooling week amongst traditional academic classes and we aim to help students achieve their full academic and sporting potential in their time at RSA.

The sport program component for RSA students comprises of either 20 coaching periods per fortnight for years 7-10 or 17 periods per fortnight for years 11-12. This means students spend up to a third of their class time developing their skills in their desired sport, while the other time is spent on traditional academic classes.